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The Bride’s Survival Guide: How To Collect Wedding Gifts In The Most Efficient Way

Excited wearing your wedding dress? Sure, you may have spent a lot to buy it, so getting excited to wear it is nothing but normal. But apart from your beautiful wedding dress, one of the things that could probably making you very excited are the gifts, as well as the gift cards you may be able to receive on your big day.

If you are expecting a lot of gifts and gift cards, you have to be ready if you want to make sure that they are kept safely and you can receive them all. You are doing it not because you do not trust your guests but because you give high value to the gifts you will receive from them.

Worry not as much, as there are many ways you can do to make sure that you can collect all your gifts in the most efficient manner.

Efficient Way Of Collecting Wedding Gifts

There are many ways you can do ensuring that you will be collecting your wedding gifts not only in the most strategic but safest manner too.

Choose the area where to collect your gifts wisely

It is best that you check on the wedding venue earlier and find the best area where to place your gifts or the gift card box. Just to keep you gifts away from theft, choose an area far from the door or place where a lot of eyes are on it the entire wedding celebration.

Do not let any of your gifts get missing, make sure that you find a strategic place to keep your gifts.

Prepare a card holder where guests can place their gift cards 

Do not make your guests feel confused, have a card holder that has a large mark or label on it. It is best to choose a huge box with a small opening, enough for the guests to drop their gift cards. If this you do, you are giving intruders a hard time bringing the box and getting envelopes in the box.

Just to make sure your guests are not confused, do not relocate the box. Place it to where you originally place it until the end of the reception.

Have a several table for larger gifts 

If you are expecting larger sized gifts, it is best if you have a separate area for your guests to place them. The table should be placed near the area where the gift card box is placed. Having it in one central location will make them not only safer but easier to collect too after the reception.

Have someone to watch over the gifts

If it is not too much to ask, best if you have someone to look after the area where gifts are placed. If there is none from the guests, you can ask any from your wedding organizers instead. Needless to say, whoever it may be, there should be one or two persons assigned to guard the gifts. Make sure though that the person you will appoint is trusted.

After the wedding program is done or when the party starts, you can keep the gift cards and gifts, but not the table and the gift card boxes. Most venues nowadays have a safe where the bride and groom can keep their gift cards and gifts while the party is not yet over.

Make sure that there is a transportation plan in place 

If you are planning a different location for the reception and ceremony, make sure that there is a plan on how to bring the gifts safely from the wedding ceremony venue to the wedding reception venue. It is most of the time recommended that gift card boxes and gift tables are already available on the wedding ceremony area so the guests will not have a hard time bringing their gifts to any places they go.

Also, if you have large gift requests from your gift registry, expect that some may consider giving it to you, so make sure that you also plan ahead on how to bring all the large gifts home. You would not want to go home without the gifts with you, so as early as possible make sure that there is a vehicle assigned to carry the gift from the reception area to your home.

  • Make the gift table available all throughout the wedding and even a little bit after

You sure would want to get as much gifts as possible, so making sure that gift table is available all day long is a must. There are guests who will hand over their gift immediately when they arrive while there are some who will wait for a longer time or towards the end of the party. Keeping the gift table available longer will ensure that no one will forget giving the gift they prepare for the couple. Some are just so excited and the time they remember that they prepared a gift, they are already home. Having it available all throughout the event will keep the guests reminded to place their gifts on the table, if in case they have not placed theirs.

  • Store it in hotel’s security boxes

If after the wedding you are planning to stay in a hotel, make sure that gift cards are all kept in the hotel’s in-room safe or security box. This way. You can sleep peacefully as you know the money you have collected is safe all throughout. You will never get disappointed if this you do, as you are assured that not even an envelope will be misplaced.

  • When someone hands you over a gift place it immediately on the gift table

There are some guests who prefer to give their gifts personally, so if you have guests like that, make sure that you immediately put their gifts on the gift table, as with the many guests and things you have to do during the wedding program, so you might misplace it.

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