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The Bride’s Survival Guide: How To Cut Your Expenses Short On Catering Services

Wedding can be one of the most special events that will happen in your life, so looking best on this day is nothing but a good idea. Wear the best wedding dress available, hire the most prominent hair and make-up stylist and look for the most glamorous accessories you have. Make your guests be mesmerized with how you look, it is your day and no one should take the spotlight away from you.

Yes, if you have the means, you can splurge a lot on your overall attire, but if not, you may need to adjust a bit, same as with the catering service, as much as you want to serve your guests with the finest and most expensive food, if your budget does not allow, you have no choice but to maximize what you have on hand.

Worry not as much as there are many ways you can serve real good food without spending a lot.

Tips To Cuts Your Catering Service Expenses

  • Consider special rates

Special rates are most of the time being given on wedding expos and shows. Attending any of such can help you find the best rate. Although, there are some who requires you to pay a reservation fee same day of the expo to enjoy the special rates. If this is the case, you can either check if the reservation fee is refundable or if possible, you can immediately research about the catering service while you are still in the expo or show.

Also, you may want to look for other special rates the catering service offers, like some offer great discounts for active military personnel, while others give good discounts to government officials and so on.

It is also highly recommended that you keep an eye on the catering service company’s websites, as most of the time they post their special offers there. You may also want to look for discount coupons being offered in different discount sites.

  • Choose more budget friendly food options

Yes please, instead of serving lobsters and steaks, serve the cheaper entree like turkey, chicken and pork. This is also applicable to desserts, sides and appetizers. Anyway, too complicated food may not be as appetizing to other guests. So keeping regular and usual food to your menu is also a good idea.

Worry not as much as there is completely nothing wrong with simple foods as long as they are cooked and served very well. This is the reason why it is highly encouraged that you request for a food tasting. Food tasting will give you an idea how well they can cook food, also, it can give you an opportunity to make a request, like minimizing the saltiness of the food, adding a bit spice and so on.

Take food tasting seriously, as the taste of the food is the most important.

  • Keep away from full service dinner

A buffet is always a better option as it requires minimum labor. If it is a full service dinner, you need to hire more waiters to roam around to serve your guests with food, unlike to buffets that it only requires a few personnel. Also, for full service dinner, food will be served one by one, they will serve the salad first before the main entree and so on, so instead of just renting dinner plate and dinner fork, you also have to rent salad plate and salad fork.

A buffet table is also more exciting and interactive, as your guests are given the chance to talk to other guests as they wait on queue.

  • Weekday wedding is indeed a good idea

Most, if not all, catering service offers huge discounts during weekdays. Weekends, including Friday, may be more expensive as these are the days that are the most in-demand. Choose days when wedding is not usually being held.

Some do not choose weekdays as they are afraid that no one could come, but actually, if invitations are sent early, guests can plan and ensure that they will be there on your most special day.

Just to keep your catering service low, choose days when they are not busy.

  • Go for disposable dinnerware

You do not need to rent real china dinnerware all throughout the event. Of course, you cannot replace fine china during dinner service, but you can when serving cakes or appetizers. You would be amazed on how big you can save from cutting the rental fee off from your expenditure list.

There are high end disposables available in the market you can purchase, and considering it will surely slash a bunch off from your wedding expenses.

  • Negotiate

One of the things couples fail to do is negotiating. There is nothing wrong asking the catering service for discounts. You can always ask for better rates. It is impossible that they will take all no for an answer.

  • You can minimize the number of food options you offer

Instead of offering 6 dishes, you can trim it down to 5 instead. Of course, your goal is to make sure that all your guests will have the most number of food options, but, if you cannot afford it, you are free to cut it down to what you can afford.

Make sure though that all the food that will be served taste good or else, it will add disappointment to your guests.

  • You can choose to go casual during cocktail hour

Instead of serving your guests intricate and hard to prepare food during cocktail, serve those that are easier to prepare. You do not need labor intensive small bites, all you need is chips and dips to make your guests stay and fill up their tummy a bit.

Also, you can bring your own non-perishable options like nuts, although, you have to ask the catering service if they allow it.

To know more about other guidelines that can help you prepare for your most awaited wedding, do not hesitate to click this link: https://www.callablanche.com/post/the-ultimate-brides-survival-guide/


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