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The Bride’s Survival Guide: How To Encourage The Groom To Participate In The Wedding Planning

In the early days, a simple wedding was every couple’s dream. This simple wedding used to be held in churches and the couple had the decision and control on everything. The couples prepared their wedding by looking for a church and preparing the attires, like the wedding dress and suit, that they will be wearing. After the wedding, a simple get together would be held on either the house of the bride or groom. They prepared foods for their guests and have a short program involving the giving of messages and gifts. The family often helped the couple with their wedding plans.

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But at the present time, weddings are much more elegant and improved. There are a lot of things a couple can choose from if they are eyeing for a unique modern wedding. Modern weddings can be held, not only in churches but also in some outdoor locations such as the beach or the garden. The couple also decides for their wedding theme which can help to make the wedding unique and organized. After the wedding ceremony, a reception program is prepared by the couple to celebrate with their guests. The program can consist of games, toasts, and gift-giving, and a lot more.

No matter how simple, how elegant, how modern, or how traditional a wedding is, the bride is often the person who is in charge of planning for the wedding. The groom can share his opinions and suggestions for the wedding, but the bride mostly has control on every plan. Not only because they are the ladies, but they are more critical or creative when it comes to planning for a wedding.

Because of this, the bride should make ways to involve and encourage her groom to participate in the wedding planning. This would be of great help to make their dream wedding happen.

  • Have a mindset that the groom needs to help in planning for the wedding

The bride needs to always think that the groom should be involved when planning for the wedding. This can help the bride to convince herself to encourage the groom to participate in wedding planning.

It is also important not to doubt your groom about his opinions and suggestions because he might lose his concern regarding the wedding preparations. Hence, the couple should learn to work with each other.

  • Let the groom answer some questions regarding the wedding

Couples face a lot of questions and clarifications during the preparation stage of their wedding. The bride should let the groom answer some of the questions so that the groom will feel that he is involved.

There are also answers from the groom that can be a great help or suggestion to make their wedding more unique and successful one. The couple should accept both opinions and answers, and combine those two to come up with great ideas.

  • Know the interest of the groom

Grooms, or men basically, are often urged to participate when they are interested in what they are planning. The bride, as the partner, should know what are the interests of the groom that would help her to convince the groom to participate in the wedding planning.

There are also grooms who are much happier to help when planning if they see that the things that are in the plan are those they can share their interests. They are more open and vocal once they see plans connected to their interests.

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  • Always ask for the groom’s help

There are things and instances during the wedding plan that need the couple to work together. The bride can maybe do all the works but she should always learn to ask help from his groom especially when the decisions to make are critical.

A groom can help his bride, not only physically, but also emotionally and socially. The groom can help his bride cheer up in times of problems and conflicts concerning the wedding plans. He can also help in looking for the things and persons that can make their dream wedding possible.

  • Budget the money for the wedding costs together

Money is one of the most important things when planning for the wedding. This is where every decision and movement of the couple is based. The outcome and success of the plans depend on how well the couple did budget their money.

The groom will be more convinced to help if he is included in budgeting the money. He might feel that his opinions and plans for the wedding are important because he is included in planning for one of the most critical things, which is a good one.

  • Prioritize your relationship the most

Planning and preparing for a wedding is not easy and the couple might face a lot of problems and challenges along their way. They must learn how to balance their time and set-up their priorities. This would benefit both of them for their relationship and for their own.

They should always put their relationship on top of their priorities so that both of them can work properly when they are planning for their wedding. Their collaboration will also help their wedding to be a successful one.

  • Words of encouragement

It is more common for ladies, or the bride, to be more vocal and to express their thoughts and opinions. So she should always talk to her groom with words of encouragement that can help to convince her partner to join her in the wedding planning.

  • Make ways for each partners’ wedding dream to happen

The bride and groom might have personal dreams for their wedding day. Both of them just need to let each other know about it and make ways on how both of them can happen.

There will be conflicts especially when their plans are contradicting, but the bride should always be open to the dreams of the groom for their wedding day. This will help the bride to get more thoughts from the groom when they are planning for their wedding.

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