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How To Enjoy Your Wedding If You Hate The Spotlight

How To Enjoy Your Wedding If You Hate The Spotlight

Wedding is coming, apart from your wedding dress, there is nothing that might be exciting you more. But what if you hate the spotlight and all you want is to hide in your shell or just be one of the many in the crowd. How To Enjoy Your Wedding If You Hate The Spotlight? It is your wedding, you are the bride and yes, you will have all the attention.

Can you still enjoy if you do not want much attention? Okay, it is your wedding and you have to make sure that you will be the happiest on this precious day. To help you cut the fear and discomfort you feel, here are some of the things you can do to resolve that behavior.

How can you enjoy the attention if you actually hate it? Here are some tips you can consider on how to enjoy your wedding if you hate the spotlight!

  • Minimize your guests

Instead of having a huge wedding, might as well stick with smaller wedding. Invite fewer people so it gives you lesser stress. The more people at your wedding, the less likely you will be comfortable. Okay, everyone might be expecting that they are invited so the best excise to make, get a venue that can accommodate very minimal guest.

Anyway, it is not just your wedding, so it is only fair that you consult your partner about it. If he wants a huge wedding, and you want a smaller one, talk things out and decide accordingly.

  • Your wedding party must be chosen rightfully

Your wedding party can give you the confidence you need as you face the crowd, hence choosing the group wisely is a must. Keep the options within the dearest and nearest people in your life to minimize the drama and give you enough confidence as the people you are with you are confident will not let you down.

  • Make sure that there is an engagement session

Okay, just to make sure you will be very comfortable in front of the camera, have an engagement session with the same photographer. This is also a good way for your photographer to capture your best angles in no time. The more comfortable you are with the photographer, the better it is for you.

You would not want to have wedding photos where your face is all the time not seen because you are always hiding, give your photographers a chance to take good photos of you on your wedding. Make yourself comfortable with your photographer.

How To Enjoy Your Wedding If You Hate The Spotlight

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  • Do not skip a rehearsal

The rehearsal dinner will give you a lot of time to know some of your guests a lot better. This will give you the chance to somehow be more comfortable with some the guests. You sure would want to mingle with them before the actual wedding comes. This is a good way to practice your wedding and it would be better when the wedding day comes.

  • Wear the right clothing

Just to make sure that you are comfortable and confident with the clothes you wear, choose your wedding attire wisely. Choose clothing you know can let you move freely and clothing that will make you look beautiful. When you look and feel beautiful, you will actually get the confidence that you actually do not have. Hire the right couturier or if you are planning to buy ready to wear gowns, take as much time as you need and fit it before making a purchase. The more confident you are with your attire, the more you would like to somehow get the attention of your guests.

  • Consider “first look”

There are some who avoid first look because of traditions and popular sayings, but having a first look, where the bride and the groom will meet up in a private room before their wedding starts, can give you added confidence. Why would you deny this opportunity, right? Seeing your husband to be will give you more confidence as for sure, he will boost your morale and will let you know that he is there.

Screw the old ways, the most important is to make sure that you will enjoy your wedding.

  • Keep the area where you are planning to get ready calm

Design your changing or getting ready area calm. Avoid too many clutters, if you want, you can light some of your favorite candle scents. Make the space very calm so when you are ready, you are calm and more ready to face the crowd.

A calm area can help a lot in boosting your preparedness for your wedding. You may also want to minimize the number of guests in your preparation area as that may be chaotic. You would not want to start the drama far before your wedding starts. Keep yourself relaxed and completely calm when preparing for your big day.

  • Take breaks

Yes, please there is completely nothing wrong taking a quick break once in a while in between the wedding celebration. Take breaks, go out if you feel suffocated or you will overwhelmed with all the chaos around you. Your spouse will surely support you if you need a breather.

  • Smile

Sometimes, the best way to release the stress and tension is by smiling. Smile and let it flow. Smile to your guests and you would definitely get the sweetest smile back for sure.

  • Focus your attention to just your husband to be

To get away from your fears and to let photographers capture great photos of you, focus on your husband and play back how you met, how he proposed, how much you love him and how you want to spend your whole life with him. Instead of going around the people you may or may not know, focus to ou’re soon to be spouse and have the most romantic moment of your life.

We hope these tips will help you to enjoy your wedding if you hate the spotlight! Looking for more wedding tips and tricks? Make sure to read The Ultimate Brides Survival Guide.


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