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The Bride’s Survival Guide: How to Get A Cheap Wedding Dress

It is a dream of every bride to be able to wear the best wedding dress there is. Sure, wedding is a time for the bride to be on the spotlight. It is her day and no one should take the limelight away from her. Of course, it is not only the wedding attire they need to focus on if they want to look good on their wedding but their hair and make-up and accessories they will wear as well.

The expenses in a wedding are never ending, from the venue you have to rent to the smallest things like wedding favors and so on. Hold up to all the wedding expenses, as after the wedding, there are a lot of other things you have to think about, like planning your future, probably buying a new house, a car, other home appliances and so on.

Being practical is always recommended, especially that money is not easy to earn. There are some who are so worried about buying cheap wedding gowns as they think it won’t give them the look they wished for.

Actually, there are a lot of ways to achieve the look you are dreaming for your wedding at the right price. If you are thinking how you can have a wedding gown that is so beautiful yet affordable, read on the tips and guidelines below.

How To Be Successful In Getting A Cheap Wedding Gown

So what are the things you can do to get your dream wedding gown at a good price? Here are these things:

  • Hand me down

Instead of buying a brand new wedding gown, why not ask a friend or a relative who just got married to lend you their gowns? If it is not on the same size as yours, you can have it altered. Anyway, alteration is always cheaper than buying a brand new one.

Same as with an old wedding gown from your grandparent’s closet, you can have it dry cleaned, and altered according to your size. If you want, you can add accents on it to make look more modern.

Tip: If alteration is needed, make sure that you ask the owner for permission before you do so.

  • Second hand shops

Yes please, if you cannot find anyone from your circle who can lend you a wedding gown, by all means, you can visit a second hand shop. There are many second hand shops where you can buy wedding dresses. Just like what you do on hand me down dresses, you just need to have it altered according to your size and you can accentuate it for a different look.

Tip: Make sure though that the wedding gown is in pristine condition. Do not expect it to look brand new but at least looks decent and still beautiful and elegant looking.

  • From your closet

You might be thinking how you can find a wedding dress on your closet considering that this is your first time getting married. Okay, not everyone is looking for a head turning wedding gown. Not every bride dreams to wear a princess style gown on her wedding, some prefer wearing something plain and simple. You can wear the dress you just wore on one of the evening parties you attended or wear a plain white dress and pair it up with the best pieces of jewelries you have.

Your closet can be a place where you can find the dress you can wear on your big day. And if you are lucky, you do not need to have it altered and definitely the dress represents your style.

  • Rent

Yes, wedding dresses now can also be rented through popular wedding dress shops. There are tons of options of wedding dresses available for rent. You just need to find the right shop to start your wedding gown shopping. When renting, you can enjoy the privilege of wearing a signature wedding gown you know you can never afford to purchase.

Do not feel embarrassed about this option as no one would know you just rented your wedding gown, unless you say it so.

The downside of renting is that you can only choose wedding dresses with the same size as your body. Most often than not, companies or shops do not allow their wedding dresses be altered. You can use safety pins though but if it is not pinned well, it may be very obvious.

Tip: Same as with buying second hand wedding gowns, make sure that the dress is free of damages and obvious signs of wear and tear. You would not want to see any imperfections on your wedding photos hence you have to be very vigilant when choosing which dress to rent.

  • Hire affordable designers

Yes, there are many designers out there that are good with what they do but do not charge too expensively. You just have to find the right designer to hire. When speaking with a designer, you can tell them upfront your budget then they will decide on the style and the fabric to use according to what you can afford.

Hiring affordable designers is another way to make you get the wedding dress you are looking for without breaking your bank account.

Although, you have to be realistic with your options and you should never go beyond what you cannot afford.

  • From sponsors

If you have the time to wait and exert a little effort, why not try to look for a sponsor. There are many ways you can be successful when looking for sponsors. Sending sponsors letters and a good agreement with more on “what’s in it for them” content can help you catch a sponsor for your wedding gown. If you are too creative it is not only your wedding dress you can get for free but other things on the wedding like food, venue etc.

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Photo by Charisse Kenion

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