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The Bride’s Survival Guide: How To Keep Your Wedding Away From Worse Speeches

Big or small, wedding is all about two hearts getting binding as one. As your partner proposes to you, the next thing you have in mind apart from telling your loved ones the good news is, what wedding dress you would wear. No one to blame as woman wants to look their best on their wedding and they want to make everyone feel envy as she walks down the aisle wearing a very beautiful and elegant dress.

There are so many things you want to happen on your wedding, same as there are so many things you do not want to happen on this special day. One of the worst things that may happen on your wedding, is a speech that is meant to uplift you will cause you embarrassment and complete dismay. Worry not as much as there are many ways you can do to somehow minimize the chance of a tragic speech to happen on your big day.

How To Make Sure That No Bad Speeches Will Be Delivered On Your Big Day

With a few work exerted, you are sure that your wedding is free from any possible speech disappointments and mishaps.

  • Touch base on your chosen speakers beforehand

Of course, you never want to hear their speech before the big day, but touching base with them to remind them about things you do not want to hear on your wedding is a good idea. If you two have deep dark secret when you were in college that you do not want anyone else to know, remind him/her of not telling the crowd about it.

Be honest and direct to the point so your speakers won’t say anything that may surprise you. Also, reaching out to that person would get you an idea whether he/she really wants to speak in front of your guest is he/she is just being forced to do so.

Tip: Just not to sound offensive, it is best that you remind your speaker that you are not speaking with him/her to micromanage or tell him/her what he/she needs to say, you are reaching out to her because you want to make sure that nothing will make you feel bad as speeches are being delivered.

  • Have someone you trust check on the speeches

As previously discussed, speeches should come as a surprise. It should not be divulged until the time it should be delivered, so to make sure that all speeches are well written, you can have a trusted friend read the speech of your maid of honor and share with her, his/her inputs.

But just for your maid of honor or anyone else you want their speech be read by someone else not to feel bad, you can tell them that you are doing this to ensure that everything will run smoothly on your wedding.

Actually, they should understand, it is your big day hence being a bit nervous is normal.

  • Give your speakers time limit

To avoid long speeches, give your speakers a time limit. Actually, even how well the speech is written, if it is too long, it may be awkward and boring. Sure, you cannot demand for it or you will never know whether they will follow with your limit or not but needless to say, it is always better to say it than not.

Be fair when giving out time limitations, if you give your maid of honor 10 minutes that same goes with the best man, and the rest of your chosen speakers. It can be a bit insulting if you give one of them shorter time limit. Even if they do not know each other, there is still chance for them to compare notes.

Do not feel shy to suggest time limit, as long speeches may lead you to extension of venue hours.

  • Make sure that your speakers are hydrated and well fed

Just to make sure that their speeches will be delivered clearly and energized, feed them right and make sure they are well hydrated. You do not want a sloppy speaker in front of the stage, hence making sure that they are so energized is a good idea.

You do not need to feed them too much, as if you do, they might be lost in time of their speech as they are in the restroom doing number two.

  • Choose your speakers wisely

Okay, this is not rocket science. Make sure that you choose your speakers wisely. The person can be very close to you, but if you do not think that he/she can deliver a good speech, might as well take that person off from your list. Of course, you want your speakers to be lively and happy, so choosing wisely is a must.

Apart from his/her speaking abilities, you may also want to consider how close you are with him/her. If possible, avoid choosing a speaker who knows just the bride or the groom. It is best if the speaker knows the couple very well and can say something to each of them. You would not want a speaker who will get lost as he/she introduces your partner.

If you want a lively environment, it is best if you choose your group’s comedian. Choose a speaker that can hype up the event and can give your wedding a nice kick.

  • Remind your speaker not to get too drunk before his/her speech

Yes please, do not forget to remind your speaker about not getting drunk before he/she delivers his/her speech. Sure, he can take a few shots of tequila but not beyond what he/she can handle. You do not want your speaker looking drunk as he/she shares his/her speech. Also, if the speaker is drunk, he/she may spill some beans that in the first place not part of his/her original speech.

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