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How To Look Good In Wedding Photos

How To Look Good In Wedding Photos

Stressing about how to look good in wedding photos? There is nothing better than making sure that there is enough photos you can look into when you find yourself wanting to reminisce your wedding. Photos can let you remember how beautiful your wedding dress was, how happy you and your husband were, how your guests feel the love on this special day and how fun the wedding was.

But, even how plenty the photos were, if you do not look good on it, it is useless. Instead of looking at it to reminisce your wedding, throwing them out to the window is what you want to do with it.

Looking good in wedding photos is not all about the quality of the photos, sure, the photographers can enhance and edit the photos but there are some limitations on it.

To make you look good in wedding photos, here are some of the things you may want to consider.

Thinking of how to make you look good in your wedding photos? Here are some of the things you can do.

  • Choose a photographer you are comfortable working with

Sure, this is the very first thing you need to think of. Thus, working with a photographer you will find the comfort and confidence to strike a pose. There are many photographers you can hire but not all of them, can give you the comfortable feeling. Give yourself time to sit with the photographers and evaluate the comfort you feel as you are discussing matters with them. Trust your instinct if comfort is important for you!

Be with someone you know you will be compatible working with.

How To Look Good In Wedding Photos

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  • Have an engagement shoot

Some do not consider this option anymore as they think that it will just add to their huge wedding expenses. But actually even experts would recommend you to have it! Thus, it is a good time to practice and get to know your angle even more.

This is also a way to be very comfortable with the photographer you want to work with when the wedding comes. Trust that by paying extra on your engagement shoot, you will have the best wedding photos possible.

  • Hire a hair and makeup artist who can make you look beautiful

Of course, hiring a good hair and makeup artist can help you achieve the look you want. Moreover, it can enhance your already beautiful face. A good hair and makeup can definitely help photographers capture great photos without too much editing.

Same as with the photographers, it is best if you hire the same hair and makeup artist for your engagement shoot and wedding proper. This way they will have a better idea of the right hairstyle and make up for your big day. You may also request the hair and makeup artist to give you many options of hair styles and make up color.

  • Great posture is the key

Always, always maintain a good posture. Make sure that your back is always straight and you are not hunched.  It is very easy for someone to curl their back. However, since wedding will only happens a few hours, be extra conscious on how you stand and walk. Always keep your back straight, this will not only make you look taller but also a lot more confident.

This can be a bit hard for others. However, thinking about the money you pay photographers plus the other expenses you spend for your wedding, there is no reason why would you not sacrifice.

  • Avoid locking your joints

There is a tendency, because of your eagerness to maintain a straight back, you might end up looking like having a locked joints. The key to avoid this and still achieve a good wedding photo, is be natural in front of the camera. Give your elbows, fingers and wrist a soft bend anyway joints are meant to be bent.

Imagine a bride holding her bouquet with a very stiff elbows, it will look very unnatural and stiff. You would never want photos that would make you look like a robot.

  • Know where your good side is

Yes, it can be your left, right or front angle that is more beautiful. Knowing which side you will angle your face when photos are being taken is a good idea to consider. It is best if you have someone take a photo of your face in different angles. From there you can assess which you think is best.

  • Sleep well

Okay, there are so many things a good sleep can give. It will put you in a good mood. Moreover, it will make your face look fresh, it will give you the energy to pose and more. You may be very excited the night before your wedding but not sleeping at all is not a good idea. Give yourself a good dose of sleep, make it enough.

  • Wear nice wedding day or engagement shoot attire

The key to a good photo is a good subject. Make sure that together with the good hair and makeup you are also wearing a good attire. For your wedding day, choose a wedding gown that suites you well and an after party dress too. On the other hand, during your engagement shoot, bring clothes that would fit the venue well.

  • Look for the best lighting

Most of the time the photographer will instruct you on where to stand or which part of the venue can offer the best view. However, best if you know the lighting so at least you know where to stand. If there is no enough natural light to use, but hopefully there is, your photographer may use a man-made lighting.

A good wedding photo is without a doubt necessary. Other than wedding photos, there are a lot of other things you need to know when preparing for your wedding. For more inspiration check The Ultimate Bride’s Survival Guide.


Header Image Credit: @jessburke_photographer

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