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The Bride’s Survival Guide: How to Make a Wedding Unique

A wedding can be as simple or as elegant, same as with the wedding dress of the bride. It is up to their decision on how they want their wedding to happen. Weddings need a lot of preparation time, but there are weddings that are being rushed. There are a lot of factors that need to be considered when preparing for a wedding. It is important that a couple considers their budget and time for preparation when planning for a wedding.

Pre-nuptial shoots are now common for a man and woman before heading to the church. They are taking photos and videos on their preferred location which can serve as a flashback when they are married. A wedding ceremony does not end in the church. Most of the wedding ceremonies are followed by a reception program which are held to celebrate the exchange of vows of the newly-wedded couple.

Nowadays, there are a lot of wedding ideas that are unique and new to some. Couples sometimes have their own idea on how would they make their wedding unique, from watching videos online and reading articles, they can get some idea on how would they want their wedding to be. There are also instances that the wedding coordinators they hire have a lot of unique wedding ideas that they can apply on their wedding.

There are a lot of things and idea that can make a wedding unique.

  • Theme

Deciding for a theme would be important because everything that will be happening on the pre-nuptial shoot, wedding ceremony, and reception program would depend on this. A theme is like a root of a tree, everything starts and depends on it. The couple would need to decide on their theme before they start on planning for their pre-nuptial shoot, wedding ceremony, and reception program.

The couple’s chosen theme can serve as a basis for the wedding attires, flowers, pre-nuptial shoot location and attire, church and reception decorations, and many more. Make your theme bold and something that has not been used by widely.

  • Pre-nuptial shoot location and attire

Pre-nuptial shoot depends on the couple’s plan if they are going to have it or not. But most wedding plans nowadays include a pre-nuptial shoot. Though it is common for some people, there are ways to make a unique pre-nuptial shoot.

When the couple chose their wedding theme, they can decide on where they will have their pre-nuptial shoot. One example of it is a historical-themed pre-nuptial shoot. The attires and location of the shoot would make the pre-nuptial shoot unique.

The uniqueness would also somehow depend on the documentation team that the couple will be hiring. Because their photography and editing skills will add a little flavor to the uniqueness of pre-nuptial shoot.

  • Wedding Location

Weddings are not only held in churches, it can also be held in beaches or in gardens. The couple can choose if they would want a church wedding, a garden wedding, or a beach wedding. Whatever location a couple choose, all the said location can help in making the wedding unique

Church Wedding, the most common among all, can be unique depending on the church. There are churches that have the best interior and exterior designs that will be a great aspect in making a unique wedding. The ambiance and solemnity of a church would also be a great help if a couple wants a unique wedding.

Beach Wedding, probably the most expensive among all, can be unique because of the wonderful views and the location proper of the wedding. Beaches are known for the astonishing views that surrounds it which makes this wedding unique.

Garden Wedding, can be considered as the most unique among all. The overall location settings and the program is comforting and it is not highly used.

  • Flower Choices and Arrangements

It is common for all wedding ceremonies that the church aisle are decorated with flowers. The bride and the women and girls in the wedding entourage also carries flower while walking in the aisle. There are also wedding receptions that use flowers as a decoration.

The type and of flowers would also make a wedding unique. Because there are flowers which are unique in the eyes of many people, and it would be a great help to make the wedding unique.

The flower arrangement would also add uniqueness to the wedding because there are flower arrangements that exhibits creativity and can be associated and connected to the wedding theme.

  • Attire of guests and wedding entourage

There are couples who require their guests to wear the same type and color of attires. This can be one way to make a wedding unique because not all weddings have guests that are wearing almost the same attire.

  • Reception Program

A reception program is common after having a wedding ceremony in the church. This program is held in a different venue to celebrate the wedding of a couple because a church is sacred. But there are things that can make a reception program contribute to the uniqueness of a wedding.

Different stalls and booths can be hired and rented for a reception program. The most common is the photo booth. The uniqueness of this depends on the layout of the photo. There are photo booths that offers a ref magnet photo product. But there are more choices to choose from like a dessert bar, mobile bar, pasta bar, salad bar, and many more.

Games that will be played during the reception program can also be unique depending on the type of game. There are games which are new for everyone and it adds more enjoyment because of the thrill of learning it.

There are a lot of things that can help to make a wedding unique. This just needs a playful and creative mind because every decision depends on the couple. They can do whatever they want to make their pre-nuptial shoot, wedding ceremony, and reception program unique in their own ways.

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