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How To Make Wedding Special Even If You Have Kids

How To Make Wedding Special Even If You Have Kids

Wondering how to make your wedding special even if you have kids? There are many ways to make your wedding special even if you have little kids or children already. Some think that it is a dead end for their wish to have a beautiful wedding when they already have children. Apart from wearing the best wedding dress, there are a lot of other things that can make your wedding the most memorable even if you already have children.

True that it may be harder to prepare since you have someone to look after while preparing for your big day, but only if you know the right strategies having kids will actually make your wedding preparation more exciting.

So, how to make your wedding special even if you have kids? Do not lose hope, there is still a chance that you can have the most memorable wedding. Read some of the things you can do!

How To Make Wedding Special Even If You Have Kids

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  • Include them on your DIY projects

Now you can do something for your wedding while you are spending quality time with your children. Let them participate in the simple and easy stuffs like stamping envelopes, putting goodies inside baskets and so on. This can also make them feel that they are an essential part of your wedding.

  • Let them go with you in the cake testing

Your child would surely be very happy if you invite them over for a cake tasting. Apart from the fact that they will feel that their decisions and opinions are counted, you would know that the cake you choose will also cater the youngster’s appetite. If in case you have different opinions about the cake you tried, you may want to ask your baker to make two flavored cake instead.

  • Give your gifts a morning-of present

Just like the gift you will send to your groom in the morning before the big day, give your kids something that will make them remember the wedding for a long time. This is also a symbol of their importance to your life. Get this opportunity to show your kids how much you love them despite getting married.

  • Prepare a drink specially for the children

During cocktail, let them drink something that would make them feel like they are part of the cocktail party is a good idea. Speak with your caterer and ask them to prepare something for the kids.

  • Invite them over for gown fitting

Only if they are girls and at the age when they can appreciate beautiful dresses, invite them on your gown fitting. Ask them how they feel about your dress, does it look nice? Is there anything else they want to add? Do they like the color? And so on. You do not have to give in to their suggestions, but at least talk to them about possible alterations they want to see on your wedding dress.

  • Have their names and photos included on your wedding site

Sure, you have to ask your partner for permission, anyway when you get married, they will automatically be family as well. Include them on your wedding website to make them know that they are part of this big change in your life. Some are hesitant of including their children on photos as they feel it is awkward. Actually it is not as there is nothing be ashamed of about it.

  • Make them groomsmen or bridesmaids

If they are already at the right age, make them bridesmaids or groomsmen. But, if they are too little yet to get that role, you can have them bring the ring, or your flower girl. Moreover, you can even let them walk you on the aisle and send you off to your soon to be husband.

  • Make them part of the unity ceremony

When your partner asks you for marriage, he is not only marrying you but accepting your children too. That’s why including them in the unity ceremony is a good idea. They can help in adding multiple colors of sand, light the candle, and more. Do not let them felt like they are about to lose you after your marriage.

How To Make Wedding Special Even If You Have Kids

@herenorth Calla Blanche Hazel 19252

  • Include them in your wedding vows

Never forget to put their names on your wedding vows. And if your soon to be husband really accepts them, he will do to. You do not need to force them to include your children on their vows. Let your partner decide on their own.

  • Give them a time to perform on your wedding

Ask them if they want to perform on your wedding. If they say yes, make sure that you give them at least a time to shine on this big day. Whether it is singing or dancing, as long as they have the spotlight for a while, it should be okay.

Tip: If your kid is not too comfortable facing the crowd, there is no need forcing them. Anyway, there are so many ways you can do to make them part of the wedding.

  • Introduce them to their new family

Go around with them and introduce your child to everyone. Make them feel a part of this life changing event. Do not make them feel like they are left out. They need to adjust a lot because of your new life.

  • Let them wear something that can make them look pretty

Yes please, make sure that same as with your wedding attire, you will also plan on what they will wear. You would never want them to be left out or look different. If they cannot be part of the entourage at least let them wear something beautiful and nice.

Having a child will never limit you from having a beautiful wedding! Especially if you know your responsibilities and you know the right ways to help them feel that they belong. Looking for more helpful tips to plan your wedding? Check The Ultimate Bride’s Survival Guide for more wedding inspiration!


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