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The Bride’s Survival Guide: How To Make Your Parents Feel Important On Your Wedding

Wedding is one of the most important day for a man and a woman who have shared love for each other for a long time. So does wedding dresses. This ceremony is held to bind the lives of the bride and groom as they exchange vows to each other. The wedding is also the start of the life of a man and woman living together building their own family and making their dreams happen. So couple who want their wedding to be successful needs a lot of time and preparation for their wedding day.

But a wedding is not possible without the guidance and blessings of the parents of both the bride and groom. The man needs to consult with his parents about his plans of proposing to his partner. And the man needs to ask permission to the parents of his partner before finally proposing for marriage. It may be a long way before marriage, but one of the best ingredients to make a wedding and a married life successful is to always seek guidance to the parents.

It is a form of respect to ask for the permission of parents before starting a new life with a new family. Parents often know the best things for their children, so it is important to include them on planning for the wedding ceremony. One of the most important decisions for a couple to make for their wedding is how they would make their parents feel important on the wedding day. This is a form of gratitude for allowing them to have their wedding.

There are many ways on how could a couple make their parents important on the wedding day. The most important thing is to make them feel loved.

  • Prepare, plan, and provide them the best attire for the wedding ceremony.

The wedding attire is one of the things that would make a person, specifically those included in the wedding entourage, more pleasing to the eyes. A couple must plan and prepare, and provide the best attire for their parents.

There are a lot of choices to choose from for the parents’ attire. It will be more appropriate if it would be connected with the wedding theme. But it is also important to consider the suggestions and wishes of the parents for their attire.

It would be more wonderful if the design and style of the attires of both the mother and father would have something in common. They would feel lovelier as they walk on the aisle together with their son or daughter if they are comfortable and happy on what they are wearing.

  • Let their flowers be different from others

During a wedding, a bouquet of flowers is held by hand for mothers, and small arranged flowers are attached to the suit of the fathers. It is important that the parents’ flowers for the wedding day will be different from those for the other wedding entourage, so parents would feel that they are important. It could be by type, by color, or by arrangement on how they will differ.

Having the same flowers for the couple and the parents would also be ideal. In this way, the parents might feel that their lives are still connected to their children.

  • Inform the documentation team to capture wonderful clips and photos of the parents

Most of the couples hire a documentation team for their wedding day. A couple must instruct the team to capture wonderful clips and photos of their parents. In this way, they will be having a printed memory to treasure.

The couple must also instruct the team to include their parents if they will be editing videos of the wedding. Parents would feel that they are important once they got to see themselves once the edited video is played.

  • Talk to them before you walk on the aisle

Parents will be feeling mixed emotions once their child gets married. They might be feeling sadness because the time of their child will not only be for them. But they will also feel happiness that their child will be starting its own family and will be with his or her partner for the rest of their lives.

It will help to make them feel that they are important when you have a little conversation before the wedding starts. This can give assurance to the parents that their child will never be leaving them and will always make time for them.

Most of the wedding ceremonies held nowadays are followed by a reception program. This program is done for the newly-wedded couple. But, the program is still part of the wedding so it is important that couple will be making ways so that their parents will still feel that their presence is important.

  • Have a short dance with them during the program

A couple will always be having its first dance with each other. But it is also a must to share a dance with your own parents and with the parents of your partner. A wedding dance can be a symbol of love and happiness. Once you danced with your parents on the program, the guests would also see that you are making your parents feel that they are important.

  • Give them time to give their wedding speech at the program

Parents giving wedding speeches also give messages for their children. They will also be happy sharing stories that includes yours when you were young. Parents often also thank the guests who spend time to be with the wedding of their children. And most of the people chosen to give wedding speeches are the persons that are important in the lives of the couple.

  • Include them in the appreciation message

Couples are given time to give a message for their guests at their wedding. They should give a public gratitude to their parents as a form of showing love and appreciation. There are moments that parents become teary-eyed but these are just tears of joy and a symbol of happiness and the importance they are feeling.

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