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Make Your Relationship With A Wedding Planner Successful

Make Your Relationship With A Wedding Planner Successful

Wondering how to make your relationship wit a wedding planner successful? Wedding is a life changing event, and making the most out of it is a must. Wear the best wedding gown, hire the best vendors, set up your wedding in a good venue, and make sure that all your loved ones are there. Wedding planning can be very stressful and demanding, hence it is best if you hire a wedding coordinator or planner.

Not all couples go for a wedding planner, and some of them end up broken hearted and very tired. There are so many things a wedding planner can do, they can take off all your stress, and can do all the legwork on your behalf and so on.

With all the help they can give, it is only necessary that you build a good relationship with them. You may be thinking how you can do that. This article will walk you through things that you can do to make your relationship with your wedding planner successful.

Here are some of the things you can do to make your relationship with a wedding planner successful!

  • Make sure to always answer their calls

Make sure that you make yourself available for their calls. If you are working, you can provide them, the time you are not available to take in calls. It is your responsibility to make sure that you answer their questions immediately. If possible, provide them not just with your phone number but also our other social network accounts.

Make Your Relationship With A Wedding Planner Successful

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Do not let them hanging for a long time as it is your wedding that might get affected.

  • Arrive on meetings on time

If you agree to meet up at 10, be in the venue at 10 and not 11 or even 10:15 unless it is an emergency. Their time is precious too, so it is only right that you respect that. If you think that you cannot make it on time, let them know. Never waste their time as they have other clients to work with.

  • Trust them

Yes, you have to trust them. Do not make them feel that you are micromanaging their work, they have been providing wedding services for a long time and there is no reason why would you not trust them? Let them do what they are good at and support them. They will never be in the industry for a long time if they are not getting good feedbacks from their previous clients or they are not worthy to trust.

Although, if there is a huge money involved, they would understand if you do not give it to them.

  • Let them know your plans and expectations

Onset of your conversation, it is best if you let them know your plans and expectations. One of the usual issues between the wedding planners and couples is the latter’s expectations are not met. It is not all the time the planner’s fault as if you didn’t tell them what you want to see and what you want to happen, they will stick with what they think is best for your wedding and right for your budget.

Make sure that your plans and expectations are provided clearly. Collaborate with them, exchange ideas and finalize what you think is best overall. Let their opinions be counted, anyway, this is what they do best so they know what is best for your wedding and what is not.

  • Pay them right

They are working hard to get paid, and as a client, it is necessary that you pay for any service they render. Do not delay payments! Moreover, make sure that you issue payments as discussed. Do not let them wait or follow up for their payment, it is your duty to send their payment when it is due.

Also, you have to make sure that the payment you will give them is enough.

  • Give them enough leeway

Make sure that you give them enough time to prepare for your wedding. Do not be too hard on them, give them enough leeway to prepare what you need for your wedding and source the right vendors perfect for your budget and preference. It takes a lot of time for them to do the job, rushing them may not let them do their jobs properly.

Also, it is best if you hire their service way ahead of your wedding. They are one of the first vendors you will hire because the weight of the planning is more on their end.

  • Meet up to places that are convenient

Do not expect that all vendors have their own ride. It is highly recommended that you meet them up to places that are convenient, easy to reach and find. Do not give them a very hard time going to where you want to have your first meeting. You may be the client but that does not mean you have the liberty to give them a hard time. Be considerate when choosing a place to meet up.

  • Sign a contract only when you fully understand it

To make sure that you will have a good relationship with your wedding planner, sign a contract and make sure that you understand everything on it. Do not let miscommunication and misunderstanding come your way.

If you want, you can bring the contract home and read on every detail written on it.

  • Ask relevant questions

Yes please, ask as many questions as you want, but make sure it is relevant to the job their job. Do not hold back when asking questions about the wedding preparation, it is your right as a client. But, do not go overboard, and ask questions about their life. Give them privacy same way as how they give it to you.

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