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The Bride’s Survival Guide: How To Make Your Siblings Feel Special On Your Wedding

A successful wedding needs not only a nice wedding dress but also a lot of preparation and planning. Couples sometimes hire wedding coordinators so there will be people to help them. From the pre-nuptial shoot, to the wedding ceremony, until the reception program, wedding coordinators will always be there to help the couple. But, the couple will be needing to include the wedding coordinator fees in their budget. The more work the wedding coordinator has to do, the more money the couple would need to pay.

Lucky are those couples who have their siblings who are always supportive on everything that they do. Siblings are often the people who are witnesses to a couple’s love story because they are always at the brother or sister’s side. Misunderstanding are common between you and your siblings, but always keep in mind that your siblings would always want the best for you. So if you are one of those who are lucky having siblings, you can ask them to help you on your wedding day and somehow consider them to be your wedding coordinators.

Because they will be helping you on your special day, it is important to always make them feel that they are special especially on your wedding day. They would not be asking any monetary return for the work they are doing for you, but as a form of gratitude, you must make them feel special on your wedding day.

Making your siblings feel special on your wedding is another way of showing them love. There are many ways to make it happen.

Before the wedding

A wedding will not be a wedding without the preparation for it. So, you should start your ways here in making your sibling feel special.

  • Include them on planning for the wedding

Just like parents, sibling will sometimes know the best for their brothers or sisters. So it is important to include them on planning for your wedding. They have suggestions that can help to improve your wedding plans and to help make it a successful one.

When you also include your siblings once you plan for a wedding, they would feel that you like them to get involved on your wedding. There are also siblings that volunteer to help and you should always be open for their suggestion.

  • Invite them to come with you on your food tasting and pre-nuptial shoot

Food tasting is common for those couples who prefer to have a catering services for their reception program. You can invite your siblings to cone with you to help you decide on what food to have in the reception program.

It is up to the couple if they will be having pre-nuptial shoot or not. But if you choose to have this one, you can come with your siblings so that there are people to assist you during the shoot.

On the actual wedding day

Siblings are always present if they can in your wedding day, so it is necessary to make ways that can make them feel special.

  • Make them your best man (for groom) and maid of honor (for bride)

Best man stands as the closest person to the groom and the maid of honor stands as the closest person for the bride. The couple has the right to decide on who will be part of their wedding entourage, including the best man and maid of honor.

You can choose your friends to have this role as long as they are the closest to you, but it will be more ideal to let your sibling have it. But if you have a lot of siblings, you can choose the closest one, while the others can be part of the groomsmen or bridesmaids.

  • Prepare, plan, and provide their attire for the wedding

The attire that a part of the wedding entourage would be wearing will add more beauty on the wedding. As the couple, you must consider the requests of your sibling on their attire. You should prepare and provide the attire that would fit them.

Most of the wedding entourage have the same color scheme or style of attire. But the siblings that are part of the entourage may have more elegant attire close to the attire of others.

  • Instruct the documentation team to capture wonderful photos and clips of your siblings

You can instruct the documentation team to capture more wonderful photos of your siblings that may serve as their printed memory of your wedding. You can also tell them to have group photos with your siblings so they will feel special.

There are also documentation teams that edit a video of the wedding. You can ask them to include more clips of you and your sibling during the ceremony or preparation.

At the reception program

A wedding is not complete without the reception program. And because of this, you have more chances to make ways that will make your siblings feel special.

  • Have a short performance with them

To entertain the guests and to share a program moment with your siblings, you can have a short performance with your siblings. There are many choices of performance that you can do with your siblings during a reception program.

  • Let your siblings give a wedding speech or a message

Giving wedding speeches or messages is always part of the reception program. You should include your siblings on this because they will have a lot of things or messages to say. Since you were together since childhood, they can tell a lot of stories that involves you, and they would be happy sharing this to your guests.

  • Include them in your appreciation message

Couples are given time to thank everyone who has been part of their lives and the wedding preparation. You should include your siblings in your appreciation message especially when they helped you a lot. This is a form of showing them gratitude and probably can be the best way to make them feel that they are special.

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