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How To Make Your Wedding Alcohol Free

How To Make Your Wedding Alcohol Free

Wondering how to make your wedding alcohol free? Wedding dress is indeed one of the highlights of any wedding. And with this, brides to be are so worried on where to have it done, who will they hire to style their wedding gown and so on. But of course, wedding gown is just one of the very many things a bride to be, same as with the groom to be, needs to consider.

Wedding preparation can be very time, energy and even money consuming. After you announce that you are engaged, you would not want to wait a couple of years before your wedding happens.  It should happen actually when the engagement is still fresh in the minds and hearts of your friends and family.

As previously said, there are so many things you have to decide on for your wedding, and one of the hardest is actually turning your wedding to an alcohol free event. Hard isn’t it? Everyone is expecting overflowing beers and cocktails on this special day.

Is an alcohol free wedding really possible? Actually it is. These are the things you have to consider to make your wedding alcohol free!

So your guests are expecting that they will be drunk on that day, breaking the news that there is no alcohol may be hard for you to do. To make it a bit easier for you and still make your guests enjoy your wedding.  Here are the things you have to consider to make your wedding alcohol free!

  • Host your wedding in the morning

Alcohol is more encouraging to be consumed at night. It is automatic for guests to look for alcohol at night, but they may not notice its absence as much during the day. Also serving brunch than dinner is cheaper.

How To Make Your Wedding Alcohol Free

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There are so many benefits of holding weddings in the morning and considering it is only but a good idea.

  • Be upfront that no alcohol will be available

If you are expecting many alcohol drinkers on your wedding tell to them upfront that there will be no alcohol to serve on the wedding. Do not make them expect for something you know is not going to happen. You don’t need to include it in the invitation but best if you have this information on your wedding website. Be as gentle and as nice as you break to them the news, like “We are so happy to see everyone! Please be informed that only non-alcoholic beverages will be served.”

You may also inform the people close to you so they can share the word to the rest of the people on your guest list.

  • Be firm

Expect that there are many guests who will share their disappointment and will complain about your decision. It is your wedding, hence there is no one better to know which is best for his/her wedding than you. Be firm and let them know that your decision is final.


The people who will rant might be your siblings, parents, and closest friends, sure, you want everyone to be happy, but if you already made a decision, be firm with it. Anyway, it is not just alcohol that can make the event fun and entertaining.

Make sure that no one will change your mind, once you planned a dry wedding, stick with it. You do not want others to influence your decision.

  • Be a little creative with your beverage selection

To compensate with the “no alcoholic drink” rule, think of creative beverages to serve your guests. Make your beverage selection more than three. This way their thirst will get quenched even if it is non-alcohol.

You can have a station dedicated only for beverages so they can enjoy good drink options and forget about the missing liquors.

Tip: There are mock-tails available as well, mock-tails look and feel like cocktails only that it has no alcohol content. Give your guests a feel that they have a glass of alcohol on their hand as they socialize.

  • Serve good options of food

Another good way to compensate loss of alcohol is good food. Serve your guests with many good options of food. Other than the usual buffet table, give your guests other interactive ways to enjoy their meal like having a taco station, pizza station, dessert table and more. They sure would not mind if their tummy is full of really good food.

  • Prepare exciting games

Just to hype up the event even more, prepare exciting games for everyone to play. This is a good alternative for drinking session. Encourage everyone to participate so they will have a really good time at the party.

  • Have additional activities in place

Apart from the traditional wedding program, have an additional entertainment so your guests would forget about the beer and the cocktails. Hire a magician, a DJ, or someone else you know can give your wedding a fun environment. You can also have an available dance floor where everyone can dance and be happy, or a photo booth for them to take their funny photos.

There are so many ways you can do to make your wedding alcohol free. Other couples would rather choose to have an after party with alcohol or throw a party a week before or after their wedding. In exchange of the lost chance of your guests and wedding party having a drink, you can give wines as wedding favors.

It is actually all up to your and what you prefer. But needless to say, there is no one to dictate you on what you want to incorporate on your wedding day. If you want it alcohol free, stick with it.

There are a lot of other decisions you have to make for your wedding. For example. seating arrangements, venue, etc.. Thus, being strict with what you and your partner have decided is a must. Moving on, to get to know more tips and guidelines for your weddings, check The Ultimate Bride’s Survival Guide!


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