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How To Plan A Wedding If You Just Started Your Job

How To Plan A Wedding If You Just Started Your Job

And finally, they asked the question, “will you marry me?” Feeling butterflies in your stomach, feeling like you are the most beautiful girl in the universe, and everything else. All great things will hit your head, but, if you just found a new job, you might be thinking, is there a time for me to find a beautiful wedding dress? How to plan my wedding if I just started a job? Will I have enough time to speak with all the vendors? All these questions may be something that will run around your head. Of course, saying no is not an option, it just takes the right planning to ensure that everything will be handled well and nothing will be sacrificed.

You will never sacrifice any of these good news. Work on them together the best way you can, so you can enjoy both without any problems. Check these tips on how to plan a wedding if you just started your job!

  • Make sure that you set the right expectations early

You have to make sure that you tell your recruiter or your new employer that you are currently planning your wedding. Letting them know of the details is also a good idea as this can allow them to have a backup plan to a possible long leave you will take.

How To Plan A Wedding If You Just Started Your Job

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  • Notify leaves ahead of time

When it is time to fit your gown or speak with a vendor, make sure that leaves are filed early. You would not want your employer to get shocked with an immediate absence. This will not leave them a good impression at all. The earlier you can file the leaves the better it is.

Tip: As much as possible, best to schedule meet ups on your days off. Do take an off only when highly necessary.

  • Stay organized

Make sure that everything is organized. Do not let any work hanging just because you are so rattled with so many wedding planning you need to attend to. Keep everything organized, have a file where you can keep all important documents at work and keep a calendar where all your work for the day or the week is listed.

Use a platform you can use with ease. Use the one you know is reliable and you can manage your schedule better. Never leave even just one task at work behind. Make sure that all tasks that you need to deliver are delivered on time or earlier if possible.

  • Do not work anything about the wedding during work hours

Never bring wedding planning or task at work. When you are at work give your full attention at work, nowhere else. Never divide your time from work to your wedding as that may spoil either as you make a decision. Arrange your schedule well, and put all your wedding plans on days or hours you are not at work.

  • Seek help from your friends and family

As much as possible, give as much work as needed to your friends and family. Do not own everything about your wedding. You sure cannot do that. Delegate some of the tasks to your friends and family. Let them work on things that are easy and minimal. If you have extra fund to spare, instead of doing everything just by yourself, hire a wedding coordinator.

Hiring a wedding coordinator is one of the best decisions you will make considering that it can help you in a lot of things on your wedding planning. If you hire them, you are slashing not only half, but more than half of your responsibilities. You can limit your meet ups and to days or times you do not have work.

  • Make sure that you still get time to mingle with your officemates

As part of your responsibility as a new employee, you need to mingle around your new officemates. You have to join them on lunch or even go with them on their usual Friday night outs. Building a good relationship with your new workmates and bosses must happen as soon as possible. You would not want to be aloof with them for a long time. Make sure that you include in your schedule time with your new workmates.

  • Still learn as many things in the office

As a new employee, there are so many things you need to learn and even unlearn. All these you should not delay until your wedding has passed. Take time and effort to get all the training you need do your role successfully in your new work. Make sure that you still proactively ask for trainings, if necessary. Worry not as much, because of the technology, everything is easy to learn for everyone. You do not need to do all the training face to face, as you can do it through online videos.

Also, if possible, you can ask if you can bring home the training materials with you so you can learn things in a faster pace.

  • Express appreciation

If you have an officemate or boss that is very supportive and helpful, never forget to express your appreciation. Let them know that you are very happy that they still consider your application despite your situation.

  • Invite your new workmates to your wedding

Not necessary but if you can, why not invite them at your wedding. This is a good way to let them know that you consider them a part of your circle. Sure, you won’t be inviting everyone but at least incite those you are working with directly and your direct boss. But, if you do not have enough money to spare inviting them, you can bring them out instead to have coffee or dinner one Friday night, your treat.

Your new work should not excuse you from having a good wedding. With these tips you should now know how to plan a wedding if you just started your job! There are many ways you can do to still have the best wedding possible. Thinking of good tips and guides to consider for your coming wedding and wedding dress? Check The Ultimate Bride’s Survival Guide.


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