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How To Plan A Wedding While You Are Pregnant

How To Plan A Wedding While You Are Pregnant

Wondering how to plan a wedding while you are pregnant? Congratulations you are pregnant, but is there a wedding dress you can wear? Can you do all your responsibilities considering you are pregnant? Your responsibilities may surely change but that does not mean you cannot enjoy a nice and big wedding.

Do not lose hope, you are going to be a mother, so you have to cherish and rejoice instead. There are actually a lot of ways you can make your wedding successful despite your situation. Asking how? Here is a complete guide for pregnant bride to be to consider.

Here are some of the things to keep in mind to plan a wedding while you are pregnant!

  • Keep it simple

Okay so you may be planning a huge and complex wedding, but since you are already pregnant, changing your mind about having a wedding that can be very stressful to plan and arrange can be considered. It is best if you stick with a wedding with a simple details and keep yourself away from stress.

Remember, the hardest part of pregnancy is the first trimester, if you are in this stage in your pregnancy, you better stop thinking of complex and huge weddings. Although pregnancy may be different from one woman to another, you have to stick with simple and easy to manage weddings.

How To Plan A Wedding While You Are Pregnant

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  • Make sure to prioritize

Prioritize rightfully, do you want a wedding with one hundred guests or you just want a wedding with 50 guests so you can have a better experience and at the same time save money considering that after your baby is born there are a lot of expenses you also have to think about. Sure, your pregnancy and wedding are both important for you, hence giving your best to both is a must.

By deciding rightfully and prioritizing what you have to prioritize, it can be a lot easier for you to manage and take care of your wedding planning and preparation even when you are pregnant, plus it can also help you save a lot of money.

Prioritize, prioritize, and prioritize! You cannot have the best of everything, you have to know which is more important for you on your wedding and your pregnancy too.

  • Seek help from your family and friends

Yes please, you are not alone in this, you can ask your family and friends to help you pass by and finish what you need to finish on your wedding preparation. You can assign one with a task you know they can handle. Also, you have to seek help and support from your spouse. Okay, everyone for sure is nicer to you, because, yes, you are pregnant.

To make the favors more efficient, be sure to provide clear instructions. What are the things they need to accomplish, who they need to talk to, when they must finish the job and so on. Be as detailed as possible. This will be easier for them and at the same time you can get the result that you are expecting.

  • Have a calendar

One of the things every pregnant bride to be needs to have is a calendar. A calendar where they can write all their appointments not only for their wedding but their doctor’s appointments too. Make sure to visit your calendar once in a while to make sure you won’t forget any appointments.

  • Hire a wedding planner

Another way to make everything smoother is hire a wedding planner. For some, they will just hire for just one day coordinator. Since you are pregnant, it is best that you get full service. You would not want to travel from one point to another to meet vendors from time to time. It may consume your energy and would make you so tired. Wedding planner is there to ensure that some of the major legworks will be taken off your back. Thus, you can concentrate on other things that are also important.

Having a professional working on your behalf can give you a peace of mind that things on your wedding will happen as planned. Same as with your family and friends, you have to make sure that instructions are given crystal clear.

  • Take a break

Even those bride to be who are not pregnant needs some rest, all the more to those who are pregnant. Do not punish yourself too much, you are pregnant and you deserve all the love and care. If you are exhausted or tired, do not force yourself to take responsibilities, step back a little, delegate tasks and relax. Never force yourself as if you do, your health and your baby’s health will get affected big time.

Let your appointed person work on the things you will leave behind while you are relaxing with your spouse instead. Everyone would surely understand that you need to get some rest.

If you are working, it is best if you ask your boss for a leave. You do not need to take all the 9 months. However, at least enough duration wherein you can arrange everything for your wedding. Most importantly, you can have your check ups and examinations done.

  • Make sure to incorporate your baby on the wedding

Sure, you might just be so excited and announce the big news on your social network account. But, that should not limit you from announcing the good news on your wedding. You can let the officiant make the announcement, the wedding host, the DJ or someone else. Don’t forgot to tell your guests the news! It is also a very precious news everyone close to your heart deserves to know.

Make the announcement anyway you want but you have to make sure it will be announced.

Tip: Before announcing it to everyone, make sure that your closest friends and family, especially your parents are already aware.

There are many things to plan for your wedding, and to know more about it, check The Ultimate Bride’s Survival Guide!


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