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How To Save Money On Your Honeymoon

How To Save Money On Your Honeymoon

Wondering how to save money on your honeymoon? You have spend a fortune organizing for your wedding, paying vendors, booking for venues, buying a wedding dress, and ensuring that everything works well to bring out your dream wedding. The last thing that you want to do is to spend a lot on your honeymoon again. You don’t have to sweat as there are a variety of ways to ensure that your honeymoon trip is memorable without having to drain all the savings in your account.

The following are some of the best tricks and tips on how to save money for your honeymoon!

  • Travel during offseason

Winter holiday and summer times tend to be the most expensive times to go for a honeymoon. Since, there are several people who have time off and are visiting friends, family as well as new places. Traveling in fall and spring, a time when kids are in school, and most people are working might help in reducing costs for your trip.

You have to be careful with destinations that depend on weather situations. Therefore, you will not want to go to places when the hurricane is on its peak or a tornado season. You have to check the weather before you make your booking.

  • It would help if you were flexible with your dates

Changing your flights by a couple of days or weeks might mean the difference between $700 and one, which is $300. Various factors can influence the change in fares. Thus you need to utilize one of the many online sites for airline booking that allows you to compare fares. You can as well call the airline or any friendly travel agent to see how a change in timings could save you money.

How To Save Money On Your Honeymoon

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  • Consider going for an offbeat trip

Road tripping, camping, having a staycation, are some of the unique ways to save money during your honeymoon. Looking for ways to be creative and cut down accommodation and travel costs might, at times, lead to a honeymoon that you never expected will be possible. Moreover, you will love everything about it.

  • Go on a mini moon

If you want to save money, going for a short holiday might be the deal-breaker. When you go for a few nights, it means that you are going to spend less on food and accommodation. So if you are flexible enough to shorten the trip, go for that. You will be able to, later on, save money for a long trip. Therefore, you can go for your first anniversary when you have already settled in marriage.

  • Use your frequent flier miles together with credit card points

If you have several points that you have accumulated, this is the time to utilize them. Call the credit card company and find out what the points you have accumulated over the years can do for you. You might be shocked at what your points are capable of buying for you.

  • Know what is essential and what you can do without

The way you place your priority will directly impact on your trip. Do you want to visit have to visit a location that is far away? Then you will need to cut costs on other items on your itinerary. You can skip going to a five star for your accommodation. Or maybe opt for the ground transport. For example, utilize public vehicle instead of having to rent a car.

  • Utilize honeymoon registry

When you invite friends and relatives to your wedding, they are excited to shower you with lots of gifts, allow them to help you with paying for your honeymoon cost. Use the online registry services and register for pieces and bits of your trip. For example, a few nights in your honeymoon suite. Or maybe a fancy meal, which your guests will comfortably purchase for you.

  • Check flights often and early enough

Once you are sure of the location you want to go for your honeymoon, you should check the aggregator website on a frequent basis. This will help you to find out if the prices are going down or up. Go ahead and sign up for alerts with a variety of travel sites. Thus, you will stay up to date with their prices for your route and see if they tend to go down.


  • Scour deal sites

For affordable travel packages, check out deal sites which include hotels, flights, and at times, on-site excursion. Find the all-inclusive resorts, and you have to ensure that you check if the cost of the package is cheap as compared if you could have paid directly for the components separately. But such deals, in most instances, are a great way to get a more affordable way to your dream trip. You have to read all the beautiful prints in all the deals. Make sure to pay attention to the black dates and any other restrictions that they might be having.

  • Go on a cruise

Does having to go on a vacation on the sea excite you? Check out the costs of a cruise. They are likely going to be cheaper as compared to flying away to a far off country and having to stay in a hotel. It will enable you to enjoy the beach experience plus an all-inclusive experience.

  • Stay in a local place

Going for a road trip during your honeymoon or choosing a honeymoon destination that takes less than an hour by plane might be the best way to cut on costs. Moreover, book accommodations where you can do your own cooking for your meals. It will make your food costs to go down.

  • Go for an all-inclusive resort

As it is with the cruise, going for an all inclusive resort might be cheaper than having to book for accommodation and transport as separate entities. Especially if you’re adding the costs of drinks and food on top. When booking, you will need to consider and find out if the resort you want to go to has travel packages.

When you include transportation and flights to the airport and back, there will be a need to read the fine prints. You will need to compare the booking costs separately and the package. This way you’ll make sure that you are getting good value for your money.

With the above savings, you will be able to go for a honeymoon without breaking the bank. We hope you found these tips on on how to save money for your honeymoon helpful! For more tips about affordable honeymoon trips, check The Ultimate Bride’s Survival Guide.


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