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The Bride’s Survival Guide: How To Save Up With A Wedding Bar

It is true that wedding should be celebrated in a special and grand wedding, but what if the couple has no enough money to fund all the wedding expenses? What if the wedding dress the bride could only afford is the cheapest in the market? Here is the thing, couples should work on what they can only afford and make their relationship and the symbol of the wedding the center of their celebration.

If you have a small budget, planning for a wedding can be hard but there is actually a way for it to happen. There are many ways couples can save from their wedding expenses, they just need to be strategic and plan rightfully.

One of the most in demand vendors on weddings is bars. Everyone wants to drink and chill during weddings, hence having a bar is a good idea. But, some couples take this on their last wedding vendors to consider as they do not think it is much needed and it is expensive. Here is the thing, there are many good ways to save up with a wedding bar and to name them, read below.

Tips To Save Up With a Wedding Bar

So, how to get saving from a wedding bar? Here are the tips you can consider:

  • Consider a limited wedding bar

Who does not want an open bar or a bar where everyone can order any drink they want. But, if you are running out of budget a limited bar is better than no bar at all. Instead of offering everything, you can provide your guests with decent options. Offering hard drinks can be expensive so it is best if you stick with good selections of wines and beers, like 2 options of white wines, 2 options of red wines and 3 to 4 options of beer. Make sure that local beers are available, as most of the time, they are cheaper.

Your guests would not mind, as long as they have an alcohol on their hand while socializing, they should be fine. Also, you would not want your guests to get too drunk as that may equate to huge trouble. If you read on articles about weddings going bad, one of the usual culprits couples claim is drunk guests. Give yourself a favor, save and have a peaceful wedding.

  • Have a signature cocktail

Along with the beers and wines you can also offer a signature cocktail. Make the name of it as clever as possible to draw attention and fun. You can consider matching the color of the drink to your wedding theme or you can name a drink after your initials or new last name.

This is a good idea to consider especially if you do not want an expensive wedding bar.

  • Limit your bar hours

Be strategic with the time you are opening the bar for your guests. Close it when there is a wedding program going on so everyone’s attention will be focused on you. Also, you can have a paid bar from specific hours. Be creative and post “bar will switch up to a cash bar at 8:00 PM.”.

Just to be fair for everyone, it should not just be cash, credit cards should also be available.

Tip: Give as many warnings as you can so guests will not be shocked.

  • Bring your own liquor

This is a little tricky as different state has different policy they follow. But needless to say, bringing your own liquor is a lot cheaper than buying it from the venue, the catering service or actually hiring a bar. This way, you can choose your bottles and bring them home the leftovers without any problems.

Meanwhile, you have to make sure that you ask the venue first whether they allow this or not. Some venue may be so strict that they will not allow bringing of own alcohol. If the venue says yes, you are luck. Right after you know that they allow bring your own beer, you can start searching for places where you can buy bottles. Compare prices, check the labels and see which among them can offer high quality bottles at affordable prices.

Just to make the DIY bar more exciting, hire a bartender. Hiring a bartender is definitely a lot cheaper than hiring an entire bar.

  • No need for a champagne toast

Why would you need to give each of the guest a glass of champagne to toast if the can raise any of their glass? If you give everyone a glass of champagne it will definitely blow your fees up. Instead of champagne why not go for sparkles, they are a lot cheaper.

Let your speakers know that there is no champagne for toasting hence they need to invite their guests to raise any of the glass they have on the table may it contains wine, water or juice.

  • Celebrate your wedding in the day

People are more encouraged to drink at night than in the morning. Sure, there are a lot of other savings you can get from celebrating in the morning than in night, apart from the bar you can also get huge savings from the venue as they offer larger discounts during this not so popular hours.

If in case they want to party, you can tell them that there is a bar nearby where they can extend the wedding celebration and throw a party. Sure, you and your spouse can join them but if you feel like it is better to go home and sleep, let your guests know about it. Sure, they would understand as they know that wedding planning and wedding celebration are really exhausting.

There are a lot of things couple need to prepare for their wedding, before, during and after that. If you want more tips and guidelines, you can always check on this link to get different help you may need: https://www.callablanche.com/post/the-ultimate-brides-survival-guide/


Photo by Victoria Priessnitz

Photo by Kadarius Seegars

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