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How To Tell Your Friends They Are Not Invited On Your Wedding

Tragic as it may seem, but you were not able to invite everyone on your wedding. Unfortunately, not everyone will get a chance to see your wedding dress and not everyone will be given the opportunity to celebrate with you. Apart from the fact that you will get heartbroken because they are actually not invited, the problem of how to say it with them is also something you have to consider.

How can you tell your friend that they cannot go to your wedding? Sure, you do not want them to feel bad or feel like they are not important, because they are but there are some things you cannot control.

Just to help you breaking this not so good news to your friend, read this article.

How To Let Your Friends Know That They Cannot Come To Your Wedding

Hard as it may seem, but you have no choice but to tell your friends they are not invited. Easy it may seem but you know that when you break them the news it will surely break their heart. Actually, there are different approaches to different situations. And to help you get through with it, here are some sample situations and tips on how to resolve it.

The Situation: An old friend 

A long lost friend is trying to connect again after you posted your engagement ring. It is obvious that they are trying to reconnect so you will invite them on your wedding. They will reach out on all ways possible, sending you a personal message, liking all your posts and so on. She/he may be so close to you hence she wants to get in touch with you again and genuinely wants to share your special day with you.

This is hard especially if that person was really close to you and things change a bit because he/she needs to work or study abroad or their family move away. How can you break the news that you cannot invite her?

The Solution:

This is a bit of an easy task, as all you have to do is simply state the facts that your venue is limited and your budget can only accommodate a few guests. Let them know how much you love them to be there but your circumstance cannot permit you to do so. Make sure they know that you still love to hang out with them maybe in a different opportunity.

The Situation: Coworkers and Bosses

Your coworker or boss keeps on talking about your wedding plans, like asking for updates on your wedding whereabouts. Have you decided on the venue? Who are your vendors and so on. Some of your coworkers would even offer their help, like going to vendors to speak to them or give their honest recommendations. Your boss is already asking for updates as to when do you plan to take a leave.

Everyone in the office might be talking about your wedding, hence letting them know that no one from them is invited may be a hard decision to make.

The Solution: 

This can be harder for you as you see your coworker’s every day, so the best way to solve this is to let them know the real score: BUDGET. This is one of the most used excuse but needless to say, if it is true there is no reason of holding back.

Instead of inviting them on the wedding, invite them for a coffee or a drink after work a few days before your big day. This way they know how much you wanted them to become part of your wedding.

The Situation: Relatives that you are not close to

You may come across a relative who congratulated you through the engagement photo you post on your social media account. After that, they started to send you messages almost every day to ask for any updates about your wedding or even asking if they are invited. They may also ask if who among the family members are coming to the event.

You sure would not want to disappoint them especially if there are some relatives you also invited.

The Solution: 

Among all the scenarios, this can be the hardest. Of course, on your wedding, every member of the family is expecting that they are invited. They want to be there not just because they want to wear clothes or enjoy the party but to cherish this momentous event with you. So, how can you say that they are not invited? There is no better way to break this news, but to make it a bit subtle, let them know that you only have very limited seats available. You can actually name some other relatives that are not invited as well. Make them feel that you really want them to be there.

If you belong to a large family, it is best if you invite at least one from each family group. Make sure that every group is represented with one or two members.

Just to lessen the pain they would get knowing that they are not invited to their relative’s wedding, prepare a party where all your relatives can come. This is easier to prepare considering that there is no budget constraint and venue restrictions as parties as such can be held at home.

True, that breaking the news to your family about not being invited to your wedding is not easy, but you are left with no choice but to say it. Instead of waiting for a long time or delaying this information, tell it right away. Do not let them expect for a long time and make sure that you tell it to them personally. Hearing the news from someone else may be more hurtful and disappointing.

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