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How To Treat Your Wedding Party Right

How To Treat Your Wedding Party Right

Wondering How To Treat Your Wedding Party Right? Wedding will never be complete without a wedding party. Of course, the bride’s wedding dress is important but that does not mean it can complete the entire wedding per se. It is the wedding party that can give added life to weddings, hence it is necessary that you choose your wedding party members wisely.

Apart of walking down the aisle on your wedding, they also play a huge role in a lot of post wedding events and wedding preparations. Without them, the bride and the groom will have a hard time preparing for their wedding. Also, these people are the most trusted people in the bride and the groom’s life, they know that these people will give them enough confidence as they face the huge crowd and get married.

With all these, it is only fair if the couple treat them right and nicely. How can the couple do that? Here are some tips couples can use to make sure that they treat their wedding party right!

  • Write them a thank you card

Sure, everyone from your wedding will receive a thank you card, but your wedding party deserves more than that. Give them a longer letter and let them know how much you appreciate their help. If possible, enumerate all the help they give and tell how they make things easy for you. You can include this letter to the gift you are planning to give them – at least if there are any.

  • Make sure that you are aware of their budget

Wedding party may need to spend a lot, their wedding attire, the wedding trips, post wedding events and so on. Be sensitive on their budget and make sure that you ask if they need any assistance. Not everyone has the same lifestyle, some are earning more than the others, so best if you know whether one of your bridesmaid or groomsmen needs help.

It is also recommended that you keep yourself from being too demanding, like asking them to buy expensive pieces of jewelry, shoes and so on. It is your responsibility to know who among your wedding party members are capable and who of them are not.

How To Treat Your Wedding Party Right

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If possible, you can cover some of their expenses like accessories, bags etc. Also, on the wedding day, why not pamper them with a free make up, massage or anything else. This is not a requirement, but just in case you have enough to give, go ahead and be a little generous.

  • Treat them out for a special dinner a few days before the wedding

Why not? After a very stressful wedding preparation, it is time that you give your wedding party something that can make them relaxed. They sure made a lot of errands on your wedding. Thus, it is only right if you give them something to make them feel happy. Give everyone the chance to eat good food and drink their favorite poison. It may not be as much but definitely something that can make the wedding party feel appreciated.

If you think that you have too many expenses already because of your wedding, you can just invite everyone in your house and enjoy BBQ.

  • Give them gift gifts

Give them a simple token of appreciation. It does not need to be expensive. However, opt for something that can let them know how thankful you are with their help. This should be different from the wedding favor as wedding favors are given to everyone who attended the party.

It is best if the gifts they will receive has a connection with your wedding theme. If you have the time, you can bake them a cake. Or maybe make them a handmade soap or anything else that you made personally. This will surely be appreciated by everyone as it is personally made by you.

Meanwhile, if the venue is outside the country, why not consider buying them the country or city’s local products. This is also a good idea to give as wedding favors. Sure, you want them to remember your wedding for a long time so buying something that symbolizes your wedding is a good idea.

  • Keep all your wedding party hydrated and well fed

Make sure that to all activities they do for your wedding, they will not feel hungry or dehydrated. Of course, they are exerting efforts to help you have the best wedding you have been dreaming of! Thus, it is only right that you return the favor by making their life easy and comfortable.

This same goes as they arrive the venue until they go home. You can treat them like the VIPs on the wedding day. Anyway, they had contributed a lot to make the wedding celebration successful.

  • Give them a free upgrade

If you and your partner has good income, why not treat your wedding party and offer them an upgrade. Like for your wedding party coming from different countries, you can treat them for a plane ticket or accommodation upgrade. Give them something that can let them know they are special and should be treated special.

  • Do not stop keeping in touch even after the wedding

After the big day, do not forget how these people supported you on probably the most romantic time of your life. Do not stop keeping touch, make sure that you still give them a call from time to time. Also, to those who travelled far, ask how their trip back home was etc. You would not want to stop keeping in touch just because the day is already over. Keep the friendship alive.

We hope you enjoyed these tips on how to treat your wedding party right! Your wedding party will play a huge role on your wedding, hence giving them little favors is indeed a good idea. Moving on, if you are looking for more wedding inspiration, The Ultimate Bride’s Survival Guide will help you find new ideas!


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