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How to Walk Down the Aisle Gracefully

How to Walk Down the Aisle Gracefully

Finally, the day you have been waiting for has come. You are marrying the man of your dreams and will start to build a happy future with him. But before you get so excited and think about the future, thinking how you will walk down the aisle is something you need to consider first. Even if you are wearing the best wedding dress, if you failed to walk right, you will remember it forever. You cannot earn people’s admiration if you failed to walk on the aisle as gracefully as possible.

This is your moment, so making the most out of it is a must for your wedding.

Walking down the aisle is a moment for every bride to cherish. This is when everyone’s attention is with her. This is her time and maximizing the guest’s attention by showcasing how beautiful she is on her most special day is a good idea.

Below are some of the tips you can consider as you walk down the aisle gracefully:

  • Hold the bouquet low

Yes, the flower should be held lower. Some think that holding it up is the best way to do it. However, it is not the right way to do so. Holding it too high may cover the bodice of your gown, whilst holding it low can give you an illusion of a more slender arms making it perfect for photos.

If you want to enjoy a sophisticated look as you walk down the aisle, hold your bouquet lower and enough for your arms to create a diamond shape.

How to Walk Down the Aisle Gracefully

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  • Walk at the right pace

Because of nervousness, brides will either walk too fast or too slow. To make it seamless and natural, walking at the right or normal phase is recommended. You can walk based on the music tempo. If the music you choose is fast, walk a bit faster, if it is slow, then walk slower.

Walking down the wedding aisle could be nerve racking, but that should not make you walk too fast or too slow. The way you walk can spoil the moment, so better walk at your normal pace.

  • Choose the right music

One of the things that can help you walk with extra grace is the music playing on the background. Choose a music that you love and can actually make you feel loved and beautiful. Listen to the song over and over before the big day. This way you can feel the music even more on the wedding day.

The bridal music should only be decided by you! You can ask your partner for help, but the final decision should be coming from you.

  • Look around, do not feel shy

Some, to feel calmer would either look straight or avoid eye contact with guests. That is okay but unfortunately, that will make you look so stiff and awkward. Look around your guests, you never know a smile from an auntie or a warm stare from your cousin is all you need to gain your confidence. Look at your bridesmaids  or flower girls if that makes you more comfortable!

If starting eye to eye may break you down more, you can look around and your eyes on the top of your guests’ head. This is a simple trick to achieve the natural presence as you walk down the aisle.

  • Stand straight

You may find your wedding bouquet and dress heavy, and you might not feel comfortable walking with a high heels. There is no easy way to look elegant and graceful than standing up straight. A good posture can make you look leaner, taller and a lot more beautiful. However, hunching over would make you look the other way, plus it will never look good in photos.

Be conscious about how you stand, not just as you walk down the aisle but all throughout the wedding.

  • Smile

Please, flash your best smile as you walk down the aisle. Some brides are so nervous that they tend to show it through their facial expression. Smiling is a good and easy way to look pleasing. You do not have to look at anyone to smile. Just leave that smile on your face as you walk down the aisle. It is your wedding, so happiness should show.

Just enjoy the moment and make sure that you smile and make others feel how happy you are.

Other Tips That Can Help You Walk Down the Aisle Gracefully

There are other things that can help you walking down the aisle with grace, hence keeping them with you is a must:

  • A good hair and makeup. A nice hair and makeup can make you feel beautiful and help you boost your confidence. If you see yourself beautiful in the mirror, smiling, waving and walking down the aisle with confidence is just easy
  • A beautiful wedding dress. Of course, the wedding dress would help you a lot in finding that confidence as you walk in the middle of the crowd. Choose a wedding dress that looks beautiful in you. Choose the one that flows nicely as you walk
  • A supportive family! If you feel nervous, you can instruct your family members to sit on the aisle as you walk just to gain the confidence and comfort you need. As simple as looking at them can help you find the comfort needed! It will help you to walk gracefully on the aisle
  • A nice pair of stilettos: Your shoes will play a huge role on how you walk down the aisle. Stilettos can make you stand straight and will make you walk nicely. Make sure that you are wearing a comfortable pair of shoes! Uncomfortable footwear will just add up to your burden
  • Wearing nice undergarments: Wear a comfortable and sexy undergarments. Your undergarments can help you feel confidence and sexy, invest on it especially on this special moment

To find more wedding inspiration and tips on wedding preparations, check The Ultimate Wedding Day Checklist.


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