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Best Ideas For A Staycation

Best Ideas For A Staycation

Looking for the best ideas for a staycation? With pandemics such as Covid19, regular routines can’t be normal anymore. In normal circumstances, immediately you are done with the day you adorn yourself in the best wedding dress, the next thing to do usually is going for a honeymoon.

But with a pandemic, weddings get postponed while plans for travelling for honeymoon for those who decide to go on with their wedding plans have been dashed. Being safe and healthy is one of the biggest blessings you should think of. However, it is reasonable to feel depressed to miss out on these critical milestones.

In an effort of turning some lemonade from the lemons and to ensure that you connect at least with your partner, the following ideas for a staycation for your joint self-quarantine might work well.

From recreating the flavors of Spain, Italy, and France to spoiling each other. Try the below staycation ideas to keep yourself high in your spirits, hopeful and happy.

  • Sightsee from home

It is unlikely that you might be able to travel to Europe for quite some time. However, there are various ways in which to explore the continent wonders and a variety of its cultures while at home.

At the moment, many famous cities and museums are offering virtual tours which are a fun staycation idea.  Check out online what they offer! Who knows, you might bump into a better idea than what you had initially planned for.

Wherever you had intended to go to, try researching online what is available so that you don’t end up losing your wanderlust. When it will be safe to travel again, at least you will have all the information that you need and an idea of what you expect to see when you arrive there.

Best Ideas For A Staycation

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  • Take turns with your partner in setting up romantic scenes

Though initially, you had many tours booked, several restaurant reservations, and other plans as far as adventure is concerned, the pandemic has made it impossible to enjoy all that. What the pandemic cannot stop is the romance that you feel for each other.

If both of you are feeling fine at home, then you can take turns to plan for an evening of romance with one another. It is all about setting an ambience that is sweet and providing the space that you require to connect.

Turn away from the usual way you dress your table. Instead, wearing it will nice linen which you might have kept away for a sheet or a holiday. You can decorate the tabletop with nice soft touches. It would help if you did not forget the candles. They will definitely add romance to an otherwise ordinary meal. Everything will feel different when presented differently and uniquely.

  • Have a theme night

You had packed your bags ready to travel to Spain. Instead of buying paella from a particular joint in Barcelona, come up with one at home. You can go all out with the booze, meal, and dessert. At the moment, most well-renowned chefs are feeling so generous, offering free classes for cooking online.

To inspire your recipe, watch some of the online episodes and then prepare one. Light up some few candles, open a wine bottle, and toast to each other. It would help if you did not forget the cocktail.

You can come up with some mai tais or frozen daiquiris. Act as a bartender and mix drinks for each other. If you want to go an extra mile, you can dress like a bartender too. Finish the evening by laying in the sand while wearing your bathing suits kissing. Or start learning to tango while listening to some French ballads.

  • Have an at-home wine tasting

The party is one of the most significant parts of most weddings. Full of wine and great food, it is the time when your loved ones come together to celebrate and honor the beginning of your marriage. On your honeymoon, the pours keep on coming too, especially if both of you love wine.

One of the best staycation ideas is to have a nightly wine tasting at home. You can select a different wine to sip as well as savor each of you honeymoon nights.

You can find tasting notes online as well as guidelines from Italy and Australia to California and France from a local wine store. This way you can support the economy of your community. Moreover, help your shop in the neighbourhood to stay in business in the process.

With such an approach, every night will bring with it a unique feeling of being whisked away. You will be able to have an entire week of great romantic dinners and great stories to share about excellent wines that you have tasted and enjoyed from all over the world.

  • Get involved in some R and R

If you had some vacational days that you had preserved from your honeymoon you should not cancel them. Of course, you will not utilize them being away. However, it doesn’t mean that you can help one another to disconnect and relax.

If to lounge on the beach with a book was your top wishlist, you can download books and magazines from your local libraries. Allow yourself to sit on the patio be as close to each other as you can. Instead of having to camp out, you can camp in. Get a fort tent set in your living room, have some snacks around and play board games or cards.

  • Make interactive dinners

When going on honeymoon, most couples choose a destination which they have never gone before. It offers excitement, change of pace and intrigue. You can recreate the energy by ensuring you do some interactive as well as engaging, like having hands-on dinner. You can have a chocolate fondue or cheese evening, have tackle sushi rolls night, or other active creations.

Look for new experiences, and while they might be available at local restaurants, you can easily do it at home.

With the above ideas, you will enjoy your honeymoon in times when the normal becomes abnormal, and you are forced to behave abnormally, like during the time of the Covid19 pandemic. Check out other wedding planning ideas from The Ultimate Bride’s Survival Guide.


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