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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Irish Wedding Ideas Celebrating Gaelic Pride

In modern times, Celtic and Gaelic traditions tend to be incorporated into recent weddings. With several couples incorporating several ideas and embracing them in their wedding ceremonydécor, a theme related to Irish wedding should not miss out as it will create the uniqueness that you are looking out for. Even if you don’t have a connection to the Irish traditions, you can embrace their wedding dress into your wedding planning.

Irish wedding ideas are straightforward to include in your wedding theme no matter your ancestry. The following are some of the Irish wedding ideas to celebrate the Gaelic pride

  • Sparkly green shoes: Whether it is a stereotype or not, green has forever been associated with Ireland and all the descendants. The green in the Irish flag, the green hills, adding green into your Irish themed wedding dressing is a great way to show that you love Irish tradition. You can decide to go for great green heels with your wedding dress.
  • Celtic engagement rings inspired: Before you start planning for an Irish themed wedding, you can show your pride with an engagement ring that embraces its style of the Claddagh rings, the Irish rings which are prevalent in style said to originate from about 400 years ago.

Having your two hands holding a heart that is crowned, is symbolic of love, friendship, and loyalty. Celtic crosses are said to be a popular design features which you can add to your wedding band or even your engagement ring to bring out the Irish pride.

  • Cue the bagpipes: The music that you select for your wedding might be able to reflect your heritage. You can incorporate some unique music during your wedding day. The pipe is what might connect you to the Irish motherland.

Although it is an instrument that is associated mostly with Scotland, it is a sound that is traditionally Celtic which both Scotland and Irish have utilized for centuries. You can decide to hire a bagpipe musician to come and entertain at your wedding ceremony and select for a more contemporary sound at the wedding reception.

  • Bridesmaids adorned in deep green dresses: You have a variety of ways to utilize green, and a jewel-tone, in-depth version of the bridesmaids’ dresses are a perfect complement to moody—modern Irish wedding décor. Embrace a mix of gown styles in the same deep green and jewel-tone, or decide to find a complimentary shade of greens to mix it up.
  • The harp: Apart from the bagpipe, the harp is a traditional Irish wedding instrument. Most of the famous Celtic folk songs do mention the harpers, and thus, it will not be hard to find some traditional songs to play during your ceremony.
  • To celebrate your Irish themed wedding, go bright green: If you decide to embrace the bright green color either for the bridesmaids’ shoes or dresses, it will be a way of incorporating an Irish themed wedding.
  • Shamrock your bouquet: Even though the four-leaf clover has always been considered to be a sign of good luck, it is the shamrock that has three leaves that are believed to be fortuitous for the Irish traditions, and thus, embrace it.

It is said to have been in use by St. Patrick to explain the meaning of the holy trinity in helping to convert the Ireland people to Christianity, adding some of them to your boutonniere, bouquet, or any other floral for the wedding are ways of embracing the Irish tradition.

  • Please put on your Irish dancing shoes: It is not a must that you know the Irish dancing steps to adorn yourself in Irish dancing shoes. Pay homage to one of the Irish national pastimes by putting on the dancing shoes. Though the dancing shoes are hard as can be seen from the Irish dancing platforms, there is a softer version that is similar to ballet slippers which you can pick for your wedding day.
  • Boozy boutonnieres: When you talk about boutonnieres, be creative. If you want to swell with the great Gaelic pride, you can make a great rustic Irish themed wedding accessory composed of wheat husks that are wrapped in some burlap and then cover them with a beer bottle cap that is imprinted with a four-leaf clover.
  • Try out a Celtic inspired Irish wedding hair style: Have you already settled for your wedding style? If you are thinking of embracing the Irish theme in your wedding, then you can do that by going for a Celtic inspired Irish wedding hairstyle. As long as your hair is long, or if short, you can add some extension. Ask your hair stylist for a fancy braided updo. It is a style that most Irish maidens embrace.
  • Paint the venue green: As a bride who wants to embrace the Irish themed wedding, you can strategically select a wedding venue that has bright green doors. Whichever way you choose, it will be easier to celebrate the Irish heritage with great portraits in front of a door with emerald green color.

You can utilize greenery to ensure that the venue has more greens than anything else. Let the centerpiece be made of greenery, and the walls at the reception should be adorned with green decorations to ensure that you are celebrating in the Irish tradition of green.

From the above ideas, you can see that it is straightforward to incorporate the Irish traditions into your wedding. You can pick what you think will work best for your wedding style and celebrate a bit of Irish in your wedding to make it unique.

If the ideas don’t seem to work well for you, then check out other purposes at the ultimate bride’s survival guide. There are a variety of themes and ideas which might be what you are looking for. They are proven and tried ideas and thus, embrace them, and you will come out with a unique wedding to celebrate with your friends and family. Share everything with other brides to be as they might find it useful.


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