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Kinds Of Entertainment In A Modern Wedding

Kinds Of Entertainment In A Modern Wedding

A wedding day for a couple is not complete without a very nice wedding dress and of course the reception program after they bind themselves together in front of the altar. This is to celebrate their special day being the first time to call themselves husband and wife. So, what Kinds Of Entertainment In A Modern Wedding do you need?

The couple also organize and prepare this wedding reception program to give thanks and spend time with the people that joined them on their very special day. Most of the entertainments in a wedding day happen during the program in the reception venue because the wedding is sacred.

The couple may hire wedding organizers to help them create a program that would be fun and memorable to everyone. The program may come from the couple or they may give the full responsibility to the wedding organizers. There are also a lot of entertainment that a couple may hire to give the reception program a nice mood and to make the guests, family, and friends of the newly-wedded couple happy during the program.

A lot of entertainment for a modern wedding can be done during the reception program. The couple, together with the wedding organizers, prepare a program that can be based on the experiences of the wedding organizers or the program that the couple wish to happen.

Here are different kinds of entertainment you can use in your modern wedding!

Hyping Up the Wedding Event

Most of the wedding programs starts with a little warm-up to set-up the mood of the guests for the whole program. This can be a dance number or a mini game that the winner or winners will be the first one or first group to line up in the buffet table. The wedding entourage sometimes prepare a short performance to also give entertainment. Prizes are being prepared for the games that will bring fun to everyone in the reception venue. Games can be as simple or as complex as what the couple wants. Most of the wedding organizers that a couple hire also assigned host to control and manage the flow of the program. Hosts are always energetic because they will be the one setting up the overall mood of the audience during the program.

Wedding Speech

Messages from the parents, relatives, and friends of the bride and groom are also part of the program. There are messages that might make the guests teary-eyed while there are messages that can bring laughter to everyone. This could also be part of the entertainment because others would also learn from the messages and they would get to know more about the newly-wedded couple.

Kinds Of Entertainment In A Modern Wedding

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Performers for Modern Weddings

Short performances can also serve as an entertainment during a reception program. Some family members and friends volunteer to perform on the special day. But if not, the couple may hire wedding singers, or dancers, or band, or DJ to perform. The most common performances during a reception program are singing and dancing. Most song performances are done when the guests are eating to prevent dull time to happen. Sometimes, the couple are asked for a special number.

Newly Wed’s Participation

The couple may prepare a dance number or a song number as part of the wedding entertainment. There are some practices for a newly-wedded couple that are often part of a wedding reception program that we can consider as an entertainment. At first, they share their first dance together as husband and wife to start the program letting their audience have a glance at their love for each other.

A money dance can also be part of the program when the couple would want to. In this part, they will be dancing again and their guests will be attaching moneys to their clothes. They would also share their first toast with each glass of wine and their first cake slice.

Music and Drinks

The couple can also hire a mobile bar if they prefer an after party after the reception program. The DJ and mobile bar can team up to set the mood into a party if the couple would want to.

Wedding Movies

The documentation team can also prepare videos that they can play during the program. They let the audience watch a video that contains clips and photos from the pre-nuptial shot. They also prepare an amazing same day edit video that contains clips and photos that wedding photographers took before the reception program starts and on the actual day of the wedding.

Entertainment for Modern Beach and Garden Weddings

However, it is quite different when it comes to beach weddings and garden weddings. The program when it comes to this kind of weddings can be simpler or more complex. Couples can decide on what program flow they would choose to happen and if they will be needing wedding organizers.

Same with the wedding reception programs held in an enclosed area. You can include games and performances that can bring entertainment to everyone. But games played during a garden wedding or beach wedding can be more adventurous. Mainly because they are set it in an open place

There could also be performances that can serve as entertainment for everyone. Most of the performances held in a beach wedding or garden wedding are of big groups. Wedding reception programs in resorts or places with swimming pools can also make an entertainment different from those in an enclosed area.

Couples that prefer this wedding reception venue often have an after party in their program. They can also hire DJs, performers, and a mobile bar. This way their guests can enjoy the after party after the reception program. They can spend the whole night with family and friends who prefer to stay to have a swim or just to share happiness with the newly-wedded couple.

Final Thoughts for Kinds Of Entertainment In A Modern Wedding

There can be lots of entertainment during a wedding. It would not happen without the presence of the family and friends of the bride and groom. Even a simple celebration can contain fun and exciting entertainment. Because entertainment is in everyone’s heart seeing their beloved man and woman binding their lives together. The most important is that the couple is entertained and amazed by people who choose to be with them on their special day.

We hope you enjoy these tips of different kinds of entertainment in a modern wedding. To find even more tips on how to plan the perfect wedding day, check The Ultimate Bride’s Survival Guide!


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