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Laid Back Affairs You Never Knew Were Possible

Laid Back Affairs You Never Knew Were Possible

Who say that weddings should be formal? There is no strict guideline to follow to any weddings. You can have it as formal as you want and as rugged as it can get. So if you’re looking for laid back affairs you never knew were possible to have at your wedding, fret not! There are only a few things that make all weddings the same! It is two people tying the knot and becoming one and the love and the support that the guests are giving to the newlyweds are always beyond what the couple can think of. Sure, the bride can decide on wearing the most expensive wedding dress she sees, it is her day so no one should stop her from making herself the most beautiful person in the venue.

But of course, not everything should be fancy in weddings, you can go rugged and laid back. The most important in a wedding is the couple’s love for each other and their commitment that they will remain honest and loyal, and the celebration is just actually secondary.  Celebration can be done anyway the couple wants it.

Thinking that laid back affairs will not make a wedding happy? You better think again as you read some of the outstanding rugged wedding ideas you never know possible. Here’re the best laid back affairs you never knew were possible!

  • Go Green

Sure, wild flowers, local flowers and even grass can accentuate your wedding bouquet, center table and the aisle where the bride walks. Look around you and enjoy the nature. If you are considering an outdoor wedding, make sure that you have photos near corpse of trees or in the forest.

Laid Back Affairs You Never Knew Were Possible

@twopairphoto L’Amour by Calla Blanche Tatum LA8223

Let your feet play with the green grass as you showcase your guests your first dance. Make sure that you let your photographer know that you want a lot of photos of nice greeneries and nature.

  • Mix and Match Your Wedding Party’s Attire

Why would you stick with uniform colors of wedding party attire if you can mix and match them? Choose a color scheme and let them decide which among the colors they would like to wear. Who says that different shade of colors will never be good in photos? These people should start checking online and see photos of weddings with wedding party wearing different colors.

Let your wedding party choose the color that matches their skin tone and a dress that can flaunt their best assets.

Tip: Make sure though that their dresses will still go through your approval, as you have personal preferences they must comply into.

  • Give Groomsmen Something Really Comfortable To Wear

Why would you force them to wear tux if they can wear a suit or a three piece suit with vest or even a shirt sleeves with suspender? This attire will definitely give your wedding a look like no other and photos that are vintage yet romantic and fun.

They can go for any footwear they want, like cowboy boots or espadrille. As long as they are comfortable and looking good, it should be fine.

  • Candid Ambiance

Let your photographer to snap photos any time. Give him the freedom to go around and take as many candid photos as he can. Mind you, it is on the candid photos that reveal real emotions. This is also a good way for the couple to see all the events and moments they missed to see as they are very focus on the wedding program and ceremony. A candid ambiance will give everyone a relaxing, yet a fun and exciting ambiance. Do not be too strict and too uptight, let everyone do what they want and let photographers capture genuine emotions on your wedding.

  • Give Your Wedding a Picnic Vibe

Think fresh orange juice in mason jars, wooden chairs and tables, delicious food in picnic baskets, fairy lights, games… Anything you can think of when you were young and love to picnic. Giving your wedding a picnic like vibe will surely give all your guests a blast from the past and a wedding to remember for a long time.

  • Dinner With All Your Favorite Family Recipes

Sure, instead of gourmet foods that you usually see in weddings, why not make it a buffet of your favorite family recipes? This will surely give all your guests a homey vibe. You can even ask your relatives to bring in their specialty for a more relaxing and homey ambiance. You may think initiating a potluck may not be normal for weddings. However, it is a good idea if you want your wedding celebration easy and laid back.

Why choose this option? This is definitely cheaper compared to hiring a caterer. But needless to say, you are considering this not to save money but to give all your guests a homey and comforting ambiance.

  • Music From Your iPod

Instead of hiring a DJ, why not use your iPod to play your favorite music? Connect it with your speaker and voila, great music will come out raw. This will make everyone feel that it is just one of the normal parties they attend too. Thus, it will make them feel lighter and easy.

  • Have a Backyard BBQ

Instead of tagging all your guests along to venues that are strict and too elegant, while not invite them over to your backyard and have a BBQ dinner? Sure, everyone would love it as they do not need to think about what to wear since it’s a laid back affair!

This is also a great idea as you do not have to consider headcount with it. You can invite as many as you want as long as your backyard can accommodate. Extended hours is not also an issue as your backyard can be used until you want it to.

Since it is right at the comfort of your home, you can go straight to your bed and spend a nice and sweet honeymoon with your new spouse.

We hope you enjoyed these laid back affairs you never knew were possible! Which wedding theme is the right one for you? Check The Ultimate Bride’s Survival Guide to check other wedding themes!


Header Image Credit: @twopairphoto

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