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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Making The Wedding Memorable

The wedding celebration may only last for a few hours, but the memory should stay in your heart forever. Of course, the memory is not just for you to keep but the rest of the guests who share this momentous and magical occasion with you.

There are some weddings that after the party is over, guests will go home and never talk about it after, or worse completely forget about the romantic union of two hearts.

Here is a guide you can follow to ensure that your wedding will be remembered dearly not just by you but the rest of your guests as well.


Guide To Making Your Wedding The Most Memorable

There are many ways to ensure that your wedding will put a mark on the hearts of all your guests. And to help you with it, read below:

  • Send wedding favors

This may add up to your overall wedding expense but wedding favors are a good way to make your guests remember your special day. Also, this is a sign of your appreciation for making their way out just to celebrate this occasion with you.

Tip: If you have a budget to keep, you can go for affordable wedding favors. There are tons of options in the market to choose from, and the price ranges from the most expensive to the cheapest you can think of.

  • Take tons of photos

Nothing can beat the power of still photos in keeping memories kept forever. Take as many photos as possible, capture every moment of the event and if you feel like looking back to how beautiful the wedding was, scan through the photos and feel like the event only happened just yesterday.

Tip: Just to give your guests something to bring home and reminisce, consider a photo booth.

  • Invite people close to your heart

Yes, of course, the most effective way to make your wedding memorable is by inviting people close to your heart. Any moment spent with your loved one can leave a deep mark on your heart. This occasion alone is worthy to remember forever, and if all your loved ones are present to spend it with you, expect an experience that you would recall in your heart and mind again and again.

  • Prepare different entertainment

To make the wedding memorable and fun, prepare different sources of entertainment for your guests to access and enjoy. You can think of games, programs, and shows to incorporate on your big day. Make the event worth remembering by making all your guests happy and excited.

For sure, funny scenes will be remembered by your guests for a very long time.

  • Go for an after-party

After the proper program is over, give your guests and yourself a time to shake it off and party! An after-party will not only add up to the wedding’s excitement but it can also give guests a wonderful time that can make them remember the event for a very long time.

For couples, on the other hand, an after-party can make them relax after a stressful wedding preparation and celebration. This can also allow them to mingle with their guests and spend quality time with them.

  • Do not spend more than your means

Never make your wedding be remembered in a bad light. You would not want to remember it because you are still paying existing debts. Spend only what you can afford and try not to loan money just to have a grand wedding.

Even how simple the wedding is, if it is celebrated with the people you love, it can still be the most memorable and romantic moment of your life. Never go for more than what you can afford as that may just put you in a horrible situation you wish never happened.

  • Enjoy the crowd

You sure would want to spend romantic moments with your husband on this momentous event, but never deprive your guests of your presence. Go around, greet people who went out of their way just to be with you. Enjoying the crowd will add up to the happiness and fulfillment you will feel.

Going around the crowd can be done while the meal is being served and after-party. This is also your chance to thank everyone for their presents and presence.

  • Marry the man you love

If you want your wedding to be remembered for a long time, marry the man you truly love. Every time you are together, you will reminisce how beautiful your wedding was. Keep the love burning, from the moment you tied the knot until forever.

  • Serve good food

By all means, make sure that the food you will serve tastes excellent. Either way, guests will remember if you serve good or bad food, it is all up to you how do you want to be remembered.


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