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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Making Your Wedding Gown Stand Out

As the bride-to-be, your goal is to make your wedding dress stand out. It is your day, so everything about you should stand out, your makeup, accessories, and of course your wedding gown. There are many wedding gowns to choose from, there are ready to wear wedding gowns and you can have a couturier design a gown made just for you.

However you want to get a wedding gown, one thing is a must, the gown must make you stand out. All eyes on you the moment you walk down the aisle until the ceremony and reception are over. Do not let your wedding dress pull you down, make it something that can make you the center of attention and be the best version of yourself.

So, you may be thinking, how can you turn the table around and make you the most attractive person in your event? Choose the perfect wedding gown for you!

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 Guide To Make Your Wedding Gown Uplift Your Assets

You might have found the man of your dreams, but that must not be enough for brides-to-be. It is also important that you find the best wedding gown to wear for this special event. Below are some of the things you can consider ensuring that the gown you will wear is exactly what needs to make you bloom on this momentous event.


Go by the theme

You do not need to go out of the theme to stand out. Go by your wedding theme and make sure that your wedding gown will blend well with the rest of your entourage. The theme is one of the first things couples decide on their wedding, hence this should not be an issue when choosing a wedding gown earlier.

Wearing a ball gown in a garden-themed wedding is okay but not the most ideal. Match your wedding gown to your theme.


Make it comfortable to wear

Some, because they want to stand out, will choose a wedding gown that is almost impossible to wear and carry. Never go for a wedding gown that is too heavy for you, make sure that you can move freely while wearing the gown. You may also want to consider the fabric when choosing a gown to wear.

Also, make sure that measurements are right. Some brides decide to have their measurements smaller as they plan to lose pounds before their wedding day, but unfortunately, not all brides are successful with this plan. Ask the couturier about your plans but never provide a definite amount of weight you plan to lose.

If this the couturier knows, he/she will adjust accordingly and can plan on when your final fitting will be.


Make an appointment

To make sure that all of the best wedding gowns of the couturier or the wedding shop is displayed, call them and schedule your visit. If they are prepared expect that they can showcase more wedding gowns than regular days.

You may also want to schedule your visit on a weekday so you do not need to squeeze yourself to a huge population of shoppers. If possible, let the couturier know that you want some time to fit in their clothes so at least they know the things they need to prepare.


Keep the season in mind

Another reason why brides have a hard time while their wedding gowns are on is that they choose a wedding gown that is not appropriate for the season. You cannot wear a backless or a tube top wedding gown if you are planning to hold an outdoor wedding in winter. Regardless of how amazing you look in your wedding gown, if you are freezing cold, it is useless, same as with a long-sleeved wedding gown in the summer.

There are tons of wedding gown designs to choose from, hence there is no reason why would you not be able to choose a wedding gown appropriate to the season. If you have no idea what is best to wear on a particular season, it is best to leave the decision to the experts, anyway, this is what they do best.


Give attention to your wedding gown top

The top portion of your wedding gown is what can get the most attention. Make sure that it looks good. Choose the right style and add up something that can make it stand out and shine. Although the bottom is also important, the bodice is what most of the time the people and the photos capture more.


Wear the right accessories

To make your wedding gown stand out, you have to incorporate it with nice pieces of accessories, from the veil to your earrings, shoes, and the like. Make sure that you have the best accessories to support the beautiful appearance of your wedding gown.


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