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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Mansion Weddings

Weddings don’t need to be extravagant or big affairs. Nowadays, more couples are opting to go to small venues such as mansions to share their wedding with only selected close friends and relatives. If that is your plan, then it means you will have an intimate wedding. Such a wedding will include 75 guests or less. It will be more a personal celebration for everyone in attendance.

The following are some of the advantages you will get from such an arrangement:

  • Saving and reallocating money: Weddings can be an expensive affair and with a smaller guest list, then chances are that you will cut down on your costs. This is the best way to go, especially if you have a tight budget.

When it comes to a wedding, one of the largest costs is the bill for catering, which is normally calculated using the guests’ head count. When the guests are few, you will reduce this cost significantly. Apart from that, you will need fewer decorations, fewer tables, fewer linens, and fewer favors. You will also spend less on the bar tab.

Even if you are not hard on budget, when your wedding is small, you can have a dream mansion wedding that will leave memories to linger for a longer period of time. What you save on catering together with other expenses because of the few guests can be used in other aspects of your budget.

It could be flowers, venue, food, decoration, or the band. With the ability to be in a position to pay attention to details because of the small size of the wedding, your guests will receive a memorable and unforgettable experience.

  • More venue options: With a big wedding where you have invited so many guests, you will require a big venue. But with a mansion wedding, you will have flexibility when it comes to choosing from several spaces including some which are less conventional. Many traditional places which host bigger weddings do have mansions where you can carry out your small intimate celebration.
  • Less stress: While having a small mansion wedding might not necessarily mean that it is simple, to coordinate an event that has fewer people is less overwhelming and less anxious as compared to organizing a large wedding. This even becomes less daunting if the attendees are close friends and family members.

The reduced guest numbers will give you a lot of flexibility in the process of planning and thus, enough time to focus on small details. The RSVPs are something that will be smooth and everyone will be happy.

  • Involving your guests: One of the advantages of having a mansion intimate wedding is that it gives you an option to make your guests be part of your ceremony. You can have each of them read a verse of prayer or surround you as you make your vows. You can make them part of your procession or even have them warming the rings in a ritual where the rings pass from one guest to the next before you exchange them as a couple.

When your guests get a role during the ceremony, it makes the whole event more meaningful and memorable for everyone present. This is more so because all of them are people close to you.

  • DIY is very easy: If you are the innovative type of person who cannot imagine having a wedding without incorporating something personal, then with the small mansion wedding, it will ensure that you spend less on your project materials and less time working on the commitment. It can be a good thing especially if you are the type who underestimates on time.
  • More quality time: If you start thinking of the many big weddings that you have attended, the couple tries to spend time during their reception moving from one corner to the next to reach out to the guests; spending a few minutes with them.

With a lot of people to greet, it can be an exhausting activity for you as a newlywed, missing out on your meal and other details at the reception which you have spent a lot of time planning carefully.

You might miss out on any substance one on one time with your guests. With a mansion wedding, you will easily interact with guests on a more intimate level, sharing the entire day with them.

  • Be eco-friendly: Even though weddings are joyful events, most of the time they are not friendly to the environment. According to research, a single wedding is likely to produce about 400lbs of waste and about 62 tons of carbon dioxide. By planning a mansion wedding, with a few guests, you will help in reducing the impact your wedding day will have on the environment.

With the above, you might decide that a mansion wedding is what you will go for.


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