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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Mexican Wedding Ideas To Incorporate In Your Wedding

Are you planning for a Mexican themed wedding? Get inspired by the following stylish and fun Mexican wedding that honors the Mexican heritage that might embrace you. There are several options when it comes to selecting what you can include in your Mexican themed wedding, including a Mexican wedding dress.

You can decide to go full Mexican tradition by including all the rituals from Mexico. Or you can choose to pick an idea and incorporate it into your wedding ceremony as well as your reception.

It is also possible for you to opt for a combination of two or more Mexican heritage. The following ideas for food, décor, wedding dress, and the festivities might inspire you and help in striking a balance.

  • Festivities and attires: Most of the Mexican wedding ideas to show your pride throughout your big day by adorning in great wedding dresses for yourself, your flower girl and all the bridal party.
  • Décor: Come up with a Mexican theme and color palette for your guests by checking out online some of the fantastic décor used in Mexican weddings.
  • Pebble style flower girl dresses: Bring out your flower girls adorned in colorful dresses of Mexican Puebla style. It is another method of honoring Mexican heritage at your wedding celebration. You can also get Puebla as well as other Mexican inspired dresses for your bridal party to wear before the ceremony for those great photo shoots. It will likely be great for getting ready pictures.
  • Food: From the not so familiar to the familiar foods, add some bit of Mexican cuisine to your wedding menu and allow your guests to enjoy the delicious meals with a Mexican origin.
  • Traditional Mexican wedding dances: Get on board some Mexican traditional wedding dances. It should happen irrespective of whether your guest list is full of guests who have a Mexican heritage or just friends who love the Mexican culture: You need to get started with a few traditional dances inspired by Mexican culture.

The sea snake – la vibora de la mar is a cool activity that is fun to include at your wedding reception. It tends to be more of a game than traditional dance.

Anyone can join in the dance no matter your level of skills when it comes to dancing. Guests encircle the newlyweds while holding hands. The newlyweds then form their arms and hands into a human bridge, which the wedding guests snake through. It will give your guests a good time to rewind.

  • Mexican textile: Including colorful textiles to your reception décor is an excellent way to include Mexican wedding ideas. If you can access some family sashes, quilts, or rugs, liaise with your wedding planner on the way you can re-purpose them as the textured wall accents or table runners. You are free to bring some favorite Mexican textiles to your wedding florist to find flowers that compliment well.
  • Mexican mariachi band: Musical export is one of Mexican’s famous and thus, it will not be hard to find a reputable group of Mariachi players to grace your wedding celebrations. It is one of the festive Mexican themed wedding ideas which will fit well with your guests of all backgrounds and ages.
  • Salsa bar: Ensure that everyone has bowls filled with flavored and fresh Mexican dips, sauces, and spread. You have to include some salsa bar that your guests will be able to quickly identify with, such as the guacamole and pico de gallo. Meanwhile, your guests will be pleased, especially those who have their roots in Mexico, with family favorites, which pack the authentic and spice flavors.
  • Papel Picado: Shredded papers can act as superb decoration to add in Mexican wedding ideas no matter your specific wedding theme.
  • Elote station: It is a Mexican wedding celebration ideas that might please all your guests. Give out personal servings of grilled corn to be an appetizer at a passed plate or seated dinner at your wedding reception venue.
  • Mini piñata favors: A Mexican wedding celebration can never be complete without having a colorful piñata. You can decide to have a full-sized version to add fun to your wedding reception. But in case you are looking for ways to include Mexican wedding ideas in other wedding themes, then a mini piñata might be the way to go. Fill them with keepsake notes or candy for the guests to enjoy after the wedding ceremony and reception is over.

  • Taco station: They are known to be crowd-pleasers and can be made to please just about any guest, whatever the dietary preference or restriction they might be facing.
  • Mexican flora: It doesn’t matter where your wedding ceremony is taking place. Even if it happens far away from the coastlines and deserts of Mexico, you can incorporate a piece of Mexican culture in your wedding celebrations with plants and flowers from Mexico region. The national flower of Mexico is the Dahlia piñata and is available in a variety of shades of orange, red, and pink. Other plants that you can consider for your Mexican themed wedding celebrations are jacarandas, succulents, and sunflowers.
  • Amor cake topper: When it comes to wedding cake toppers, it is likely going to help in reinforcing and adding extra elements to the theme of your wedding. A nod to your Mexican or Mexico heritage with messages such as Viva el Amor or just Amor.
  • Mexican national flag: If where you are hosting your wedding, they will allow you to hoist an ensign, then you can proudly hang the Mexican flag next to that country’s flag or state flag outside of your venue. If it is not possible, you can find ways of including the Mexican flag, its symbols, or color in your wedding ceremony as well as your wedding reception.

Are you planning to go full themed Mexican wedding style, or do you think that there is a particular idea that you will incorporate in your wedding theme? Whatever you decide, it will most likely work well with you. Get more insights from the ultimate bride’s survival guide.


Photo by Cesira Alvarado


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