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Myths About Cheap Weddings

Myths About Cheap Weddings

Wondering what are the biggest myths about cheap weddings? It is almost everyone’s dream to be with the man or woman she will live the rest of her life with. The person to share life, happiness, problems and success with. Wedding is the start of your forever after hence wearing the best wedding dress to make sure that you can grab everyone’s attention is indeed a good idea.

But, what if you do not have that much money to spend to hold a grand wedding? Will you stop dreaming? Of course you won’t. There are so many myths about cheap weddings. Hence a lot of couples fear that if they only shell out small amount of money they will end up with a disastrous wedding. Actually, that is not the case as if you plan things right, even with small budget, you can enjoy a fabulous wedding.

Just to correct all your thoughts about cheap weddings, here are some of the myths about cheap weddings.

  • You Can Never Please Everyone

Yes, of course, you still can. There are many catering services around that offer their service at a much lower price without affecting the quality of the food they serve. Also, if you think that you do not have too much money to serve tons of food options, stick with a few but make sure they all taste good. Anyway, it is not just about the quantity that can make your guests salivate but the taste and quality of the food too.

You just have to decide whether you will focus on quality or quantity.

  • You Can Never Have a Beautiful Wedding Gown

Don’t worry, you will have the chance of wearing a beautiful wedding gown even if you do not have much money in your pocket. You do not need to buy a brand new wedding gown, as there are available second hand shops that offer equally beautiful gowns, you just have to visit the right shop and check on the quality and the condition of the gown before buying it.

Also, there are many shops where you can rent beautiful, signature gowns. If this you consider, you can wear a gown, that even in your dreams you never had considered.

  • Your Guests Will Never Be Happy

What? Is it impossible that your guests will not be happy on your wedding. They are there to share with you the most romantic event in your life, and a glimpse of happiness in your eyes is enough to make them happy.

Besides, it is not only the food, the entertainment, the wedding favors that can make them happy but also the time they will spend with their loved ones, friends and family.

Myths About Cheap Weddings

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  • Limited Guest List

It is true that you will not be able to invite 300 guests. However, that does not mean you are only allowed to invite 10 or 15. You can go for a minimal attendance but not too few like what others think. Make sure though that you are choosing the right vendors to keep your costing low without affecting the quality of your wedding.

Do not be too hard on yourself! There are many ways you can do to make your wedding perfect despite its minimal attendance.

  • No Wedding Favors

You do not have to do that as there are a lot of DIY wedding favors you can think of. Sure, wedding favors are not a requirement for weddings, but giving it away to guests is still a good idea. You can choose to give away wedding favors you can make on your own. Think cookies, doughnuts, even handcrafted soaps and candles. All you have to do is watch video tutorials and voila, you can do a lot by yourself.

Anyway, a wedding can make it even if there is no wedding favors to give away guests.

  • Wedding will never be memorable

Your wedding will forever be memorable even how simple it is. Wedding is about the union of 2 hearts and the promise of forever. It is a bonus if you can afford huge celebration. However, a wedding is still a wedding worth to remember for a long time. If you cannot hire a photographer, you can ask a friend or a family member to take photos. Sure, professional photographer’s photos are better but why would you force yourself if you really cannot afford hiring them.

  • People Will Talk About Your Wedding

There is no person in the right mind who will complain about how your wedding goes to other people. If they respect you, they will never do that at all. They will be very happy that you are finally with the person who will love you and be with you for the rest of your life.

  • Cheap Weddings Look Cheap

There are some weddings that never look cheap unless the couple say it so. There are a lot of ways you can do to make your wedding look elegant without putting a hole in your pocket. It is all about the planning and right strategies. People will never learn about how much you spend unless you tell it to them.

Wedding is a wonderful event and must be cherished by anyone who will be wedded with the one they love. You should not lose hope if you do not have as much money to spend to celebrate this day. Wedding is not all about huge celebrations, big parties, expensive attires, scrumptious food and elegant venues, it is about a commitment of love, loyalty and honesty.

There are a lot of things about weddings you must decide on! To make your wedding successful, check The Ultimate Bride’s Survival Guide for more information and inspiration!


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