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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Organized Wedding

Chaos at a wedding is possible if you failed to organize everything right. What you want is to savor every moment of the event, but unfortunately, that is impossible if things on the event are out of proportion.

Do not freak out as there are many things you can do to avoid this terrible thing to happen on your most special day. This article will help you avoid the possibility of having a chaotic wedding.  

Guide to An Organized Wedding

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So here are the things you can do to ensure that your wedding will be as organized as possible.

  • Prepare a seating arrangement

One of the things that makes a wedding chaotic is the seating arrangement during the reception. Seeing vacant seats in one table and two on the others, while many are still looking for chairs to occupy can be avoided if you have a designated seat for each of your guests.

The seating arrangement can help a lot in organizing the event.

Tip: Group the guests accordingly, like seat all your college friends together on one table or elderly in one area. This way, you can avoid seeing people loitering and approaching their other friends on the farthest table.

  • Follow a schedule

To make sure that everything is in place, follow your set schedule strictly. Set a time to open the photo booth, let the food be served not too late nor too early, and have a program where all the traditions in the wedding can be done.

Make sure that everyone is on time at the wedding ceremony the same as with the wedding reception. Limit your post-nuptial photos on the allocated time.

  • Hire a wedding coordinator

To make almost everything flow as planned, hire a wedding coordinator. Your wedding coordinator will take a lot of burden off your back, and their service will not start only on the wedding day itself but from the time you plan your wedding. Some may see this as an added expense so they try to work everything on their own. Hiring them will give you peace of mind and can allow you to savor every moment of the event.

  • Give your guests clear directions or map

If you do not want to get disturbed while preparing for the big event, give your guests clear directions or a map if needed. Expect your guests calling your mobile if they get lost and fail to find your venue.

You can have the map printed on the invitation, or if there is no paper invitation to be sent out, you can post the map on your e-invite or your group chats.

  • Provide a ride

If the venue of your wedding is not accessible to commuters, provide a ride. You sure would not want to give your guests a hard time, so if you have a remaining budget to spare, why not rent a van or a coaster to give your guests a ride going to the venue.

This can minimize the chaos and the chance of getting lost.

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  • Choose a venue where the wedding ceremony and reception can be held

One of the reasons why the wedding reception cannot start as scheduled is the transiting from the wedding ceremony venue to the venue where the reception will be held. Also, it will be a little chaotic if guests need to move from a distant location to another.

Be strategic when choosing a venue as this may confuse your guests and even to your vendors.

  • Be clear with the theme

If you want everyone to wear appropriate attire for your wedding, make sure you inform them of your wedding theme beforehand. If you have special instructions on what you want them to wear on the wedding, like a cocktail dress, black tie, etc., include it on the invitation or say it to them verbally, you sure would want everyone to look good and uniform in photos and not look like a circus.

  • Meet up with all your vendors a few weeks before the actual event

If you want everything organized, it is best if you meet up with all your vendors a few weeks before the actual event. Plan the event together and make sure that everyone is aligned with the game plan.

  • Plan everything ahead of time

Cramming is not the most effective way to plan a wedding successfully. Make sure that everything is planned earlier. An organized wedding is impossible to happen if it is done in a rush. Take as much time as you need and speak to everyone you need to talk to months before the big day.

Everything should be planned, including who among the vendors to hire and who among your family and friends are invited.

Do not make your wedding chaotic as that will never give you a good and happy wedding.

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