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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Page Boys

Seeing little boys dressed in full formal wear as they walk down the aisle melts all the hearts in the audience. They also take very beautiful photos that you will gush over for a long time due to their innocence and their cuteness. These adorable little creatures can be either a member of the family or children of friends. Page boys are usually below ten years, and they accompany the flower girls down the aisle.

Page boys are young male wedding attendants. Traditionally, they were given the role of holding the bride’s train while she walked down the aisle. There are various roles that modern-day page boys can have, and we will look at them later on in the article. There are no rules that have been set for you when selecting page boys. Their inclusion or roles in your wedding depends on your individual preferences. Now, if you are going to include page boys at your wedding, start including them in the process early.

We will now look at tips on how you can dress these little men for your big day. Let’s dive in!


Perfect fit

It is important to ensure that the page boys are very comfortable with the outfit that you ultimately purchase. This way, you will avoid any tantrums from the little ones. We understand that it can be particularly hard to shop for these boys. This is because the shopping process is strenuous, and their attention span is age challenged. There are a few things that you can do to ease the hassle involved in the process. These include:

  • Look for suits that will complement the color theme of the day. Please do not forget about the chosen style; it should complement the suit or tux the groom is wearing without matching too much.
  • You can send the page boys shopping together with the groomsmen and the groom. This is a good way of getting them to bond with the men in the groom’s party, which will make them more comfortable during the day. The little boys will also feel like they are part of the wedding process, making it easier for them to participate in any roles that you involve them in.
  • Consider the groom’s accessories: You can have the page boys match the groomsmen’s attire as well as accessories.
  • If the page boys are opposed to the strenuous shopping experience, you can find out if they have any outfits that match the theme of the day and only add ties, shoes, and boutonnieres to complete his look. However, this is the last resort. You can encourage the parents to be present for the fitting when your groom goes to get his suit fitted.

There are various places where you can get wedding outfits for these little men, such as:

  • Department stores: You can try out a department store near you as you can find a wedding outfit. However, you may have to go with the page boys for this exercise so that you can get the best suit.
  • Wedding boutiques: These can be your first choice for shopping as measurements can be taken to get the best fit. They also stock many outfits giving you a variety of options. They can also get bespoke suits made for your page boys. The best thing is, you can get the measurements taken at home at their comfort. You can measure their height, neck, waistline, and the full part of the chest. Remember, the height should be measured right from the top of their head.
  • Men’s shop: You can shop around any boutique that sells men’s attires for these little suits. They can have a variety of wedding attires that you can select for your page boys.

Now that the little men are all dressed up for the wedding. You can think about the roles that you can assign them. You can choose to have them involved in a few to no activities. The roles that they can perform include:

  • Go the traditional way and have the page boys hold your train as you walk down the aisle.
  • They can walk ahead of you and scatter flower petals with help from a flower girl.
  • They can carry a bouquet or flower or pose to add to that beautiful look at the wedding.
  • They can blow bubbles as they walk down the aisle. Something most boys enjoy.
  • They can carry a sign and walk down the aisle at the start of the ceremony.
  • They can also be a ring bearer.

The roles that you assign the page boys will depend on your preference as well as the age of the boy. If they are very young, you may limit the roles assigned to them. To tame their tantrums, you can have the page boys sit with their parents during the wedding ceremony. You can purchase a gift to reward the page boys for executing their roles.



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