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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Perfect Honeymoon Road Trips For You To Try Out In India

What are you planning to do after you are done celebrating in your best wedding dress? Imagine s a newlywed hair fluttering as your brave through a cold breeze. Does that sound romantic to you? The traditional honeymoons have been packing your suitcases and headed to the airport to a honeymoon destination where you will relax for a couple of days.

If you are looking for a unique way to celebrate your honeymoon in India, something that is out of the box to ensure that you end up with a memorable honeymoon, then you should go for a road trip on your honeymoon.  Why is it that a honeymoon on a road trip could be the best for you?

It is because, as you journey, the road trip becomes part of your honeymoon. Whatever memories you create while on the road are the type of memories that you will not be able to create while at a specific destination.

Envision yourself riding your favorite bike with your partner’s arms wrapped around you. Or just start imagining that you are holding hands on a sunset evening while driving. The highway pit stops, dhabas and tea stalls. Going through the scenarios and a lot of other things happening along the way are some of the things that will make your road trip during your honeymoon so memorable and exciting.

The following are some of the honeymoon road trips in India which you can try out with your spouse.

  • Manali to Leh: It is a stretch of about 480 kilometers of a terrain that is rugged with a treacherous road. It is a honeymoon road trip that might be perfect if you are an adventurous couple. It has majestic snow-capped mountains, passes that are gigantic, and great monasteries make it feel like you are on a Utopia in real life.

It has several crisscross routes that might make you wear, but the region being radiant makes it though, challenging, but romantic for a honeymoon experience. Its roads are open for at least five months in a year in the summer and the autumn season.

The journey will take you approximately two days with a single stopover where you can rest and acclimatize. The places that you will go through between Manali to Leh are Keylong, Rohtang, Sarchu, and Baralacha La. The nearby place, Solang valley, is a place that you will be able to experience adventure sports such as paragliding and skiing. If all the above is not convincing, then you can go for Kareena Kapoor dancing from the Jab We Met movie.  As you listen to the music while driving your Bullet or open jeep with your spouse, enjoy as you drive among the snowy glory.

  • Guwahati to Tawang: Driving from Guwahati to Tawang might be the right experience you would want to feel on your honeymoon. It will make you feel that you are closer to the Northern India virgin beauty. The edges and the caves of the road tend to be thrilling. Its mountain peaks are immersed in the clouds, creating a great framework for your road trip.

The journey is about 520 kilometers and very challenging. But the extremely beautiful terrain is what makes it to be worth going for. With a stopover in between, you will be ready to start on the journey the following day.

  • Mumbai to Goa: Having a road trip on your honeymoon from Mumbai to Goa will give you a great feeling on your honeymoon. It is a trip that is mostly referred to as the father of Indian road trips. If you are driving to Goa, it will make you enjoy the scenery along the way.

In case you can leave early, the drive-through NH17 is a smooth one, and you will be able to make it in 12 hours just the right time before the beginning of the party. There are a variety of roadside joints that will ensure that your spirit and belly are kept full.

If you want to experience something unique on the way, you are free to take a pit stop at Sajjangarh Fort, Satara.  Though it is known to be a party place, Goa is also known to be a great honeymoon destination in India.

  • Ahmedabad to Kutch: Kutch’s Great Rann, it is a white desert in Gujarat, which is surreal. As you drive to Kutch from Ahmedabad, there will be a lot of remnants and small villages that you will be able to enjoy with your spouse. You will experience the heritage of Gujarat along the way and the Rann’s magnificent beauty that will leave you wooed throughout your trip.

It is a stretch of about 480 kilometers with Bhuj and Mehsana along the way. You can cover it in 9 hours. You have the option of stopping at the Wild Ass Sanctuary that is well known for being a tourist attraction in Gujarat. In case your honeymoon happens around the Rann Utsav, which very famous, then you should consider yourself to be a lucky couple.

  • Bangalore to Coorg: Though Bangalore is known to be situated in some few weekend getaways, Coorg has always been defined as one of the most romantic places in India. It has always been considered to be a honeymoon destination that is loved by newlyweds in South India.

As you drive along with the beautiful spice and coffee plantation, you get a surreal experience among the scenic paradise. The climate and the terrain are both great, and nature will give you a good opportunity to relax with your loved one. It would help if you did not forget to stop over at Mysore to enjoy a delicious Mysore Dosa and stay at least a day at the beautiful palace of Mysore.

  • Delhi to Agra to Jaipur: The three form what is commonly referred to as the triangle that is Golden. The road trip to the three is believed to be one of the honeymoon road trips that are very romantics that you can enjoy in India. The Epitome of love has been what the Taj Mahal has always been known to be. When you drive to Agra, coming from Delhi along Yamuna Express Highway with the love of your heart will keep all the emotions alive.

Enjoy your honeymoon road trip India by selecting one of the above. For more options on honeymoon road trips, check out the ultimate bride’s survival guide.


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