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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Planning For An Excellent Honeymoon Cruise

Just the way planning for your wedding is important, including shopping around for the best wedding dress,  planning for your honeymoon is equally essential.  Going for honeymoon cruises tends to be a soothing anticdote for most couples after the swirl and rush accompanying planning the wedding and the festivities that follow it.

To ensure that your cruise lives for its purpose of the intent of making you to relax, exhale, reconnect as well as enjoy your first experience as a couple needs you to plan. Below are some crucial steps to guide you in preparing for a perfect cruise on your honeymoon. Find out how to settle for the right itinerary and have experience on board as romantic as you wish.

  • Choose the perfect destination: Are you yearning for a Caribbean cruise to unwind on the pristine beach with turquoise waters? Have you always longed to see the Tower of London, the Eiffel Tower, or the Rock of Gibraltar towering cliffs? It will help if you are looking for an adventure that is exciting for your destination, which will leave you with great memories.
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For a memorable honeymoon cruise, you will need to visit destination reflecting both your personalities, interests, and activity level. You have to consider how you are going to spend your time together whether you will be lounging side by side chaises on the tropical beaches, or you will be discovering European capitals or hiking in rain forests.

The bliss on the beach might turn your honeymoon cruise on the Caribbean, including opportunities to stroll or snorkel coral reefs watching colorful tropical fish or sunbath on pristine white sand beaches, catamaran sail at sunset, rainforest zip line, or over the sea parasail.

Your inner food should be channeled o a getaway that is romantic on the Mediterranean, combining food exploration together with wine with the local art, culture, and history. You are free to taste the local wine while in the Italian countryside, in Spain, you can sample tapas, along Europe’s coastline, get your fill of seafood that is fresh. Enjoy the masterpiece, which is created by artists that are well known throughout the world and explore ancient landmarks and sites.

If the two of you love locations that are exotic, then consider going for Asia cruises up to Japan with great beauty, or Thailand and Vietnam teeming with activity and people. In the itineraries, you will have several days while at sea, enjoying the amenities in the luxurious ship.

Think about the adult only pools, couple massages, as well as hot tubs and romantic dinners at the specialty restaurants on board savoring world-class cuisines.  Remember, it is your time, during your honeymoon cruise, to discover the world with the love of your life, so whatever your itinerary, it is definitely going to be special and magical.

  • Pick your Stateroom: When on a honeymoon cruise, picking your plush bedding is the best thing to do. You will enjoy it after a romantic day in the port toasting to a life together on your private veranda on the ship. In the morning, it will feel good waking up to great views of the ocean.

Once you are through with choosing your cruise itinerary, your next decision should be about choosing your suite or stateroom. Picking a stateroom with a veranda, allowing breathtaking sky and sea views will automatically make for a memorable honeymoon cruise.  You can as well treat each other to an upgrade, which will make your cruise even more memorable.

If you are a spa enthusiast, you might enjoy the Aquaclass staterooms that come with in-room amenities that are spa inspired, unlimted Sea thermal suite access, or the Persian gardens that will depend on the type of ship you are going to sail.

For a unique vacation experience, you can book the Retreat. It comes with a designed suite that is stunning,with personal butler service,  priority when disembarking and when embarking, access to Luminae that will be exclusively for you, and private lounge access that is solely for Retreat guests.

  • Make your reservations: You have to remember the shore excursions, which are very exciting that you will come across when searching for a cruise destination. It might have been a swim and horseback ride in the Caribbean, a waterfall adventure on Hawaii big island, or class for pasta making at a villa in Tuscany.

You might also have come across other experiences that felt romantic that are available on the ship, such as dinner on an on board specialty restaurant or couples’ massages. As soon as you are done with booking your stateroom, you will create an account that can reserve your shore excursion, book spa treatments, and make specialty restaurant dining reservations.

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L’amour by Calla Blanche LA20130 Lucinda @talesandtreesphotography

After you book your cruise, ensure that the individual reservations are made immediately instead of waiting until you are on board the ship. In most instances, the shore excursions which are popular tend to fill up so fast before the ship embarkation day, as can spa appointments and specialty restaurants.

If you book early, it will allow you to relax and enjoy your honeymoon on the ship with your loved one without havng to hassle for reservation at the last minute.

  • Enhance your romance: Roses, wine, and chocolate-dipped strawberry are some of the hallmarks for romantic celebrations. You need to continue with your celebrations and excitement of your wedding on your honeymoon cruise by utilizing a celebrity cruise celebration package, surprising your life love. A beautifully arranged flower bouquet, a bottle of their favorite wine, and several delectable and plump chocolates dipped strawberries might be part of the classic package for celebration on the cruise.

For a cozy romantic breakfast, you might enjoy mimosas and Dom Perignon Champagne, along with fresh flower bouquet, and some decadent chocolates covered strawberries to be delivered right in your stateroom when you pick on the deluxe celebration package. A cake that is personalized, a special treat that you will enjoy later on during the day, is something that might be included.

Get more information planning for an excellent honeymoon cruise at the ultimate bride’s survival guide.


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