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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Planning for your honeymoon

No matter the wedding planning stage you are in, it might be time to switch and think about how you are going to plan for your honeymoon. It is a deserved break from the hassles of the wedding plans. There are so many things which you can discuss: how long the honeymoon is going to last, where the two of you want to go to.

When would you want to take the honeymoon break? Some couples decide to postpone their honeymoon because it might be coinciding with holidays or workdays; or just the best time of the year to visit your honeymoon destination.

So how do you plan for your honeymoon after many months of wedding preparations and finally you are done with the wedding?

  • Start early: If you are wondering when to start planning for your honeymoon, the ideal timeframe should be six months before the anticipated travel dates. This is especially true in case you are planning for a European honeymoon destination coinciding with summer travel months.
  • At times it should even be earlier than the 6 months: It is best to understand that there are times when airlines change routes, pricing for hotels does change too. With all these variables, if your sight is set on some great destinations of adventure, you will want to look at your honeymoon planning in advance within the year. There are destinations which you will have to book a year earlier.
  • Be specific about what you want: When thinking about exotic destinations, you need to be specific. Do your exotic places mean going to an island because of its well-known beauty? Or are you thinking of going to a country far away from where your language is not even spoken? It is important to think about it over with your partner and find out what will be good for both of you.
  • Plan the honeymoon together: While divide and conquer might work when it comes to wedding plans, it might not be the best approach when you start planning for your honeymoon. If the honeymoon plans are handled by one person, one of the couple may enjoy the destination while the other might be bored to death.

Unless the other spouse gives you the go-ahead to do the planning all by yourself because they are not familiar with various great destinations, honeymoon planning needs to be a joint effort.

  • Don’t fully rely on online research: It is okay to start your honeymoon plan with a search on google but it doesn’t mean that you entirely rely on what comes out in your searches. There are times when the reviews online don’t match with what is on the ground. It will be best to thoroughly vet your planned destination by talking to family and friends who have been there. You can also get help from a travel professional.
  • You should never copy another person’s honeymoon itinerary: During wedding planning, you might be tempted to copy another person’s wedding planning. But for the honeymoon itinerary, this is a no-no. While copying might remove the stress in the whole process, it might not be what you like.

There are those of your friends who might have loved a resort which is all-inclusive, stress-free, this could not be as per your adventurous spirit. You might even have heard your parents talking about a great escapade for their honeymoon, it doesn’t automatically mean that it is right for you.

It is okay to seek advice from relatives and friends, but just take it for comparison purposes with what you have. Remember, it is your honeymoon so it has to be tailored to your shared interests.

  • It is okay to use a travel agent: If you are stuck during your honeymoon planning, it is okay to get help from a travel agent. They know a variety of discounts and deals and have cultivated personal relationships with various destinations which might at times mean a room available in a hotel which if you search online, is fully booked.

It will also save you a lot of time in research and offer destination knowledge that is first hand. They will help you choose the right destination which has the right fit. They do the research and planning, providing you with great service while on your honeymoon.

  • Set a budget for your honeymoon: After planning for your wedding, the costs might drain you and cause you to dip into your honeymoon budget for covering any extra costs. To be true to yourself, you will need to remember that the wedding ceremony lasts just for a few hours while the honeymoon lasts for even up to two weeks.

While the memories created on your wedding day are unforgettable, the special memories created on your honeymoon will also stick in your mind for a lifetime. You must ensure each of them has enough budget to create the memories.

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