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Popular Proposal Destinations

Popular Proposal Destinations

Looking for popular proposal destinations? If you are thinking about a proposal, then you might be brainstorming on the best venue to do it, just like wedding planning, where you will need to think about where to buy the best wedding dress. The vendors, the venue, and much more, you will need to have at least a proposal destination to make it a memorable one.

For a marriage proposal, you have to plan what to say and where you want to say it. While it might be okay to kneel in your living room and make your marriage proposal, finding a unique and special proposal destination is the in thing at the moment.

In modern times, people are planning proposals in different destinations with the intent of making the moment to be more magical, more unique. The person who is being proposed to or the person proposing might also view the larger effort o having to put forth the proposal at a particular destination.

A proposal increases the romanticism and surprise element. Travel is known to be an emotional experience. Thus, it makes sense to ensure that you capitalize on the unique getaway. You can then turn it into a memory that comes once in a lifetime. To add to that, most travelers tend to enjoy the concept of being able to capture the moment via photography.

If you feel that, it is about time you popped the question in a far off, unique proposal destination. The following are some of the most popular proposal destinations you can choose from.

  • Italy

Being a vast country, you have the option of choosing a proposal environment that might be ideal for you based on the type activities that you enjoy. From hopping in a vineyard at Tuscan Countryside to Amalfi Coast for beach lounging, there are so many options. Tuscany tends to be an ideal place for romantic proposals and trips due to its proximity to the international airport to Rome and a variety of other incredible wineries. Positano tends to be a hot spot for proposals because of the various ocean views and the colorful buildings that are in this Cliffside town.

  • Paris

Known to be the City of Love, it will be romantic proposing in Paris. Apart from oozing with love from every cranny and nook, it is a city that has picturesque, stunning proposals spots. From dinner or lunch at the Eiffel tower to classes where you can learn how to make a macaron, the options are endless.

Popular Proposal Destinations

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It would help if you allowed your travel agent to arrange for a photographer. It will help you to capture that special moment. You can as well check online and book a photographer on the other end of Paris. It will be helpful if you’re planning on the specific place you will be proposing to capture the great moment.

  • London

If you stay on the East coast, it will take you only about 7 hours to arrive in London. Rest assured that it will provide a different scenario. It is truly unique for a proposal, not to mention that the city is fun to explore.

From capsule in the London Eye that overlook the entire city to drinks atop The Shard, there are lovely spots that will ensure you propose in style. You can be creative and propose while sipping tea at Reubens at the Mews. Moreover, it overlooks the Buckingham Palace so you can dream about your upcoming royal wedding.

  • New York City

While visiting or if you stay in New York, then the Big Apple is one ideal place to make your proposal. There are a variety of romantic hot spots where you can propose from Central Park to the Brooklyn Bridge.

During the fall, Central Park is usually a great backdrop that has beautiful foliage. There are also many spots where you can hide a photographer to catch the golden moment. The energy that the city has will allow for a multi-day experience! There are several places to celebrate after you are done proposing.

  • Hawaii

It is a place where most couples reserve for honeymooning. It has a chain of islands in the Central Pacific, making it a great place to make your proposal. Depending on which country you are coming from, if you are in the USA, then you don’t require a passport to travel there.

While in Maui, you can take a sunrise tour of Haleakala. Then you go ahead and propose when the sun is up. Another option is taking a helicopter tour of the island, as you propose. With a variety of islands where you can choose from, you can propose on one island. Moreover, after your wedding, come on another island for your honeymoon.

  • Maldives

Popular destination for honeymooners, it doesn’t mean that you cannot as well propose here. It is an isolated island that sets the tone for a private and intimate romance. Thus, you will be at liberty to enjoy several private messages, to admire the variety of fishes in the Indian Ocean. At the same time, you dive and head for your picnic on a desert island with champagne. Allow yourself to get cozy on an astronomical dinner cruise when sunset comes. You can also decide to spend a night in Bedouin tent, under the sun while on your sandbank.

  • Iceland

Do you want to propose in a colder climate? Then why not do it in Iceland, below the Northern Lights?  The best time you will be able to see them is between September and April, when the sky is clear. Watching the aurora Borealis type of dance or sleep under the stars might be one of your lifelong dreams. It is hard to find something as memorable as proposing in Iceland, under the Northern Lights.

Hit the road and go to these popular proposal destinations, which will leave memories lingering for a very long time. After you are done proposing, hit The Ultimate Bride’s Survival Guide to plan your dream wedding and, after that, your honeymoon.


Header Image Credit: @kevinkey_photo

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