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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Post Nuptial Photos

The wedding is never complete without photos. Hiring the best photographer is necessary to ensure that all the photos you will bring home and look into after years are beautiful. One of the highlights of any wedding photo album is the postnuptial photos. Postnuptial photos tend to include the wedding party, but mostly it is just the couple who is featured in them.

Brides must not be worried, as this article will give you a guide on what you need to do to ensure that your postnuptial photo session is a beautiful success.  

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A Guide To Perfect Post Nuptial Photos

Do not get nervous, as even if you are not a professional model, your photos on your prenuptial can still be perfect.

Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind during this exciting activity:

  • Choose a location within the wedding ceremony or reception area

It is best if you find a place within the wedding ceremony or reception area perfect for photo taking. You would not want to travel from one point to another just to have your photos taken as this will not just waste your time but will also add to your stress.

Tip: Ocular inspection is highly encouraged when choosing a wedding venue. This is a good way for you to assess if there are enough areas within the venue to have your pre-nuptial photos taken.

Also, you may want to inform your photographers ahead about the venue so they can strategize the best spots and time to take photos.

  • Keep your wedding gown on

Some consider changing outfits during post-nuptial as they find it more comfortable. It is not a requirement, but it is highly suggested that you keep your wedding gown on during this activity. Some of the reasons why the bride decides on taking their wedding gown off are its weight, its fabric and its length. Keep this in mind, a wedding may only happen once in your lifetime, the same as with your postnuptial and other activities. A few minutes of sacrifice to ensure that you look stunning on your photos should not be hard to do.

Postnuptial photos are when you can showcase your wedding gown even more, so there is no reason why you would not give it a go.

  • Enjoy the moment

Yes please, enjoy and savor every moment of this activity. Genuine smiles, laughter, and joy must be seen in these photos. Together with the wedding, this can only happen once so enjoy it. Nothing can beat natural smiles on photos.

Feel the love you have with your partner, act naturally, and think about how this marriage can beautifully change you and your life completely.

Tip: If you want to be more comfortable in front of the camera, hire photographers and videographers that you are most comfortable working with. You may also want to have a trial photo session with them so you can build a relationship with these professionals beforehand.

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  • Take time changing your hairdo

Never rush changing your hairdo or retouching your makeup. Your makeup artist must have enough time to change your makeup and hairdo if necessary. If he/she is not given enough time, he/she may not execute your look according to the plan.

Anyway, make-up artists are known for working under pressure gracefully, so reminding them is not necessary.

  • Don’t keep postnuptial too long

As much as you want to savor the moment and pose longer in front of the camera, cutting this activity shorter may be needed. This does not mean you have to rush the process, it only means minimizing the time of activities that can be cut short without affecting its result.

Postnuptial is happening in between the ceremony and reception, and letting the guests wait too long is not the most ideal. Take enough time to cover everything you want to cover, but do not extend too long.

  • Ask for wedding party’s participation

Although postnuptial is mostly for the newlywed, inviting the wedding party over is also a good idea. Their participation can add color and joy to the photos.

Tip: If you are planning to invite the wedding party to your post-nuptial photo session, make sure that they know it beforehand so they can prepare. You would not want to end up looking for them as they already blended with the crowd.

  • Try to be creative

Although wedding preparation could consume much of your time, checking online or on the magazines’ ideas of best poses on postnuptial photos is a good idea. Even how busy you are, try to find time doing so as this can surely help you a lot in looking good in photos, especially if you are a novice.


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