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Procrastinator’s Guide On Writing Wedding Vows

Is the big day when you are supposed to be adorned in your best wedding dress fast approaching, and you haven’t yet written your wedding vows? No need to panic. Your wedding day is tomorrow, and the wedding vows were supposed to have been drafted a month ago. Maybe along the way, both of you decided that there was no need to write them at the last minute, you think that you have to write. Whatever the situation, you know how to write, and that is what matters most.

You will first need to take a deep breath to ensure that you relax. Your partner, maybe knows very well that they are marrying a procrastinator and they love you for that. You will need to impress your soon to be spouse by ensuring that you write a great wedding vows that are unique which might seem you spend weeks coming up with them.

The following is how to write wedding vows in a procrastinator friendly way.

  • Decide the tone your wedding vows should take: You should not try to do something which you are not. If you are a silly person, you can try adding some humor to your wedding vows. On such a special day, you just want to be yourself and nothing more than that. Whether you are musical, funny, concise, or sentimental, you have to stay true to who you are.

A big rule concerning writing your wedding vows is that they need to echo your wedding tone, whether it is elegant, casual, or themed. With personal vows, you will have the opportunity to share the small inner moments, which makes you feel that you know yourself. Guests should leave your wedding feeling that they are close to you as a couple.

  • Write whatever comes to your mind: There is a science behind this. When free writing, your thought is freely poured out onto a single page. In that manner, you will be able to see them on a single page. It also gets your brain going. When you are worried about what you are going to put on a single page, you will never end up writing anything at the end of the day. You have to remember that what you are writing will not see the light of the day. They are for you and your inspiration before you finally come up with the final script.
  • Check out the pictures that you took with your partner in the period of your relationship: If you want some sentimental inspiration, there are times when photos stir up some emotions. Go through your photos together to find out the emotions that they bring out in you as you remember the feelings you had for each other during the start of your relationship.

Try to think about memories such as when you first saw your partner, the moment you found out that you were in love, or the time that you were sure that you wanted to spend the rest of your life together.  Whether the memories end up to your final vows for your wedding, when you revisit those early days, it might just stir important emotions, which is key to writing your wedding vows. You have to start your wedding ceremony vows with a memory of a time when you realized that you had found a life partner.

  • Pick out some of your best memories: After you have gone down memory lane, it might now be the right time to pick the ones that you feel are your favorite. The good thing is that wedding vows are supposed to be short. You will need to stick to those that you think are meaningful.

The memories don’t have to cover your whole relationship because it is impossible, entirely. Think of the classic the memories are going to create, ten years down the line, which memories will still be exciting to you. Express appreciation for everything that your partner has given to you.

  • Think about your guests: You have to keep off from inside jokes, which might only be significant to the two of you as you don’t want your guests to be excluded in your vows. You have to avoid writing something too embarrassing or personal in your wedding vows. The partner you have could be one who doesn’t take it lightly as they don’t want intimate moments shared by everyone.
  • Come up with promises: Wedding vows need to comprise of promises. Both specific and vague promises need to make the best wedding vows. You will need to think out of the box and think big. You can always promise to cherish your partner or vow to be honest about what you are thinking.

You are also allowed to think small, like promising always to promise to comfort your partner whenever their favorite sports team loses. When making the vows, it is also a good time to showcase both your sentiment and the serious side of you, coupled with the funny side. Try varying your language by using words like a pledge, vow, and I will.

  • Think about the future you are going to have with your partner: The day is all about your future with your partner and begins to construct your life together. The declaration is going to be made in front of your friends and family. When you are at this point in your wedding vow writing, you have to start thinking about what you will do with your partner in the future. It is a part that it is different from the promises where you talk about how you are going to nurture your relationship. You have to now talk about what lies ahead of both of you – your adventures, your goals, and everything else. It is time to bring out the type of couple you are. Whether you are a career-oriented, adventurous, or artsy couple, it is a section that will have to reflect all that.

It is never too late to write your vows. Bring out the procrastinator in you and write your vows in the shortest time possible. The rest of the wedding ideas might just come from the ultimate bride survival guide. Check it out.


Photo by Dan Parlante

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