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Pros and Cons of Honeymoon vs. Mini-moon

Pros and Cons of Honeymoon vs. Mini-moon

Wondering what pros and cons of honeymoon vs mini-moon are? You can personalize just about anything related to weddings nowadays. From the wedding dress to décor, food to entertainment, the cutter of a cookie is now in the past. So why should this not also be true when it comes to the honeymoon. More honeymoon couples opting for mini-moons, which is usually closer to home post-wedding trips that are short over traditional honeymoons, and there are reasons why you could choose one over the other.

If you are not sure about the plans you have for your post-wedding, then it is best to read these pros and cons of honeymoons vs mini-moons.

Pros and Cons of Honeymoon vs. Mini-moon

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Pros of Honeymoons  

  • You get a nice break after the stress of planning a wedding

Wedding planning no matter how small or big it tends to such a lot of energy from the couple. Going out of town and taking a much-needed vacation is an excellent way to start your marriage and de-stress yourself after your wedding day.

  • Bonding with your new spouse

Irrespective of the type of trip you are going to take, whether lounging by the pool at a resort of your choice or backpacking across Europe, your trip after the wedding is an excellent way to spend more time with your new spouse and bond over the adventure of marriage which you have embarked on together.

  • Visiting a dream destination

It is your honeymoon, and thus, you have an excuse to go to your dream destination. Go visiting places that you have always thought about. Be it Sydney, Venice, or Bali, all you have to do is pick a destination and embark on it. If you are having issues with finances, it is possible to postpone going for your honeymoon immediately. Make sure to save some money for the big trip so that you embark on it on your first anniversary together.

  • You get a package for your dream wedding

If you have always envisioned your wedding day, you might have thought of having the big send-off after the wedding ceremony and reception to your honeymoon. If that has always been your dream, going on a special trip immediately after your celebration will make you feel fulfilled and super unique.

  • You can ask guests for cash gifts on your wedding registry

Many guests feel happy to give to couples cash gifts. However, they can feel much better knowing that their cash was used to sponsor the couple’s honeymoon. There are wedding registries which allow guest to purchase part of your honeymoon as a wedding gift. For example, a nice dinner, a spa day, and give you a certificate on your wedding day.

Cons of Honeymoons

  • Spending extra money immediately after spending on wedding celebrations

At times, planning a honeymoon can become overwhelming when you have just spent a lot organizing for your wedding day. Shelling out for rental cars or beautiful hotel rooms can make your budget over-stretched in a way that you become uncomfortable.

  • It might be stressful after being away from work for a longer time 

Depending on what type of job you are involved, when you go away for two weeks or even more, it could create for you a work backlog. It will then deluge you when your resume. If, while on honeymoon, you start thinking about work, it will not be a relaxing getaway.

  • The first days of your honeymoon might be spent rewinding from the wedding planning stress

There is nothing wrong if you decided to stay lazy in bed for the first two days after your wedding. But if you had made plans to go for outings and paid for them, you might find yourself feeling that you should skip them when you arrive at your honeymoon destination. If you think you require some time to decompress after the wedding planning stress, you should build it on your honeymoon.

Pros of Mini Moons

  • You are going to spend less money

When you take a short trip after your wedding, it is going to cost you less than a faraway getaway. A mini-moon could be the best option if you don’t have enough cash for a honeymoon yet  you still want to spend some time with your spouse,

  • You are free to travel somewhere local which you have always wanted to travel

Have you been thinking of visiting a mountain in your town? Or maybe a lake where you have dreamt of going to fish? Then going for a mini-moon in the hood will give you a chance to fulfill your dream. There are a variety of great places you can see in your country. Moreover, these places will enable you to bond with your spouse just the way a beach side hotel would have done.

Cons of Mini Moons

  • You will not have enough time to decompress after your wedding celebrations

You might want to spend the first few days of your honeymoon lazing with your partner in bed. But with a mini-moon, you have only a few days. Thus, you don’t have extra days to lazy around and enjoy your vacation the way you would have wanted to.

  • You may need to keep in touch as you are closer home

Do you have a boss who likes texting you or emailing at night to get work done? You might be expected to respond to what the boss deems to be urgent matters while on your mini-moon.

  • You might end up visiting a town that you have been to before

If you are the type who likes taking trips around your state, the chances are that where you are heading to for your mini-moon could be somewhere you have once visited. It could bother you because, on your honeymoon, you will lookout for a place where you have never visited before.

Do you find these pros and cons of honeymoon vs. mini-moon helpful? Check out more details about the two at The Ultimate Bride’s Survival Guide and make up your decision.


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