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Pros and Cons of Indoor Wedding

Pros and Cons of Indoor Wedding

Planning your wedding and looking for pros and cons of indoor wedding? One of the most exciting moments of anyone’s life is his/her wedding. The bride to be should plan for her wedding dress, of course, which will make her look her best on this special day.

When choosing wedding attire, one of the things you have to consider highly is the venue and the weather. Most of the limitations of choosing a wedding dress are from the venue. There are some dresses you cannot wear to an outdoor venue which were suitable for an indoor venue.

On the other hand, if you are thinking about an indoor wedding, there are things you need to consider. Indoor wedding is not all about good things. There are some disadvantages you also have to consider.

To help you choose which wedding to have, here are some pros and cons of the indoor wedding.

Pros of Indoor Wedding

So here are some of the good things to consider when planning for indoor weddings.

Pros and Cons of Indoor Wedding

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  • Weather

Weather will not in any way affect your indoor wedding. Even how bad the weather is outside, you are assured that the wedding will proceed as planned. This is one of the reasons why couples choose this option. It is less hassled and more reassuring that everything they have planned and worked for will materialize.

Although, if the weather is too strong, some of your guests may have a hard time going to your venue, if the weather is too bad, you can consider having a service to pick up your guests to a certain location.

  • Comfort

An indoor wedding gives everyone the comfort they need, the temperature can be controlled, and you can seat your guests who want a cold temperature near the vents while you can seat old people away from too much cold temperature. Indoor temperature gives you the liberty to choose where to seat your guests and make them the most comfortable.

Also, if you feel hot with your wedding dress you are free to make the space cooler and if you re cold, you can turn the air con off.

  • Facilities

Most indoor wedding venues have good equipment you can use. You do not need to worry about renting lighting, electricity, music, and even the bathroom. Almost everything you need is here, so renting may not be an issue to think about.

But needless to say, make sure that you do not assume. There are some venues that do not have the same facilities as others. It is best if you ask the venue of the available equipment they have and from there, decide which you think you need to add.

  • Noise

Sure, noise is more contained when in an indoor wedding. You do not have to worry about a loud blow of horn while your maid of honor is delivering her speech, as a most indoor wedding venue is soundproof.

  • Security

You know that intruders or even gate crashers will not get into your wedding without your permission. Most indoor weddings are guarded. If you want to have a more secured space, you can easily lock the doors of the venue.

Indoor wedding is the best option for those wedding celebrations that have prominent personality guests or even prominent bride or groom, or both.

This is a good way to make sure that your guests are safe from any possible intrusion.

  • Decorations

Yes, you have full control over the decorations you want to hang. The decorations, the theme, and the style you can think of are endless in an indoor wedding.

But, you have to ask permission from the venue if they allow the decorations you are planning to work on.

  • You can keep your good hair fix and make up for a long time

Since it is indoor, you do not need to worry about your hair getting ruined or your make up getting melted. You can dance all you want, enjoy games with your guests without worrying too much about how you look.


After reading all the good things about the indoor wedding, it is time to discuss some of the indoor wedding cons.

  • Space

Make sure you know the capacity of the indoor venue you are choosing. Most if not all indoor venue has a maximum capacity to hold up too. Make sure that you choose a venue that can accommodate the number of your guests. Also, avoid getting, too huge a venue if you only have a few names on your guest list.


  • In demand

Indoor wedding venues are the most in-demand during winter and fall. Couples only have this option so if you are planning to wedding in winter and fall, reservation must be done years before the big day.

  • Rules

There are so many rules and restrictions indoor weddings may have. It is wise if you read the contract carefully before deciding whether to use their venue or not at all. You never want to end up changing your original plan just because their rules do not allow it.

  • Logistics

Another reason why some couples do not want this option is the logistic. Some indoor wedding venues have no enough parking space and delivery ramps. It is not as convenient sometimes. It is best that when you are at the venue, go around and check.

  • Limited spaces for beautiful photos

Unlike an outdoor wedding, indoor weddings may have limited space for photo taking. You may need to go out to get a good view and backdrop.


Choosing the type of wedding you would go for is all dependent on your preference. You can go with the traditional, you can go with non-traditional or more modern attacks. With these pros and cons of indoor wedding it will be easier to plan your wedding! Check The Ultimate Bride’s Survival Guide for more tips and tricks to plan the best wedding.


Header Image Credit: @peytonmariahphoto

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