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Pros And Cons Of Outdoor Wedding

Pros And Cons Of Outdoor Wedding

Looking for pros and cons of outdoor wedding? Wedding is an event full of love, and happiness. For the bride it is also about her wedding dress, her flowers and her loved ones. Nowadays wedding ceremony and reception venues are changing. Couples are starting to be very creative on where would they want to share their “I Do’s” the more creative it would get, the better it is for others.

Of course a wonderful wedding will not only be a good experience for the couple but their guests as well. Trying your best to make your wedding one of a kind is a dream for almost everyone. Currently, one of the most in-demand is outdoor weddings. Truly, this kind of wedding will blow your heart away.

But just like to any other types of weddings, it has advantages and disadvantages. Here are the pros and cons of outdoor wedding!

Pros Of an Outdoor Wedding

So here are some of the things you can enjoy if you decide to hold your wedding outdoors:

  • You will enjoy a fantastic backdrop

Whether you want your wedding to happen in the morning, lunchtime, dinner or later, you will surely have a perfect backdrop. This will also minimize the need of enhancing the overall look of the venue as it is already beautiful. Simple accessory just to pair up with the beautiful backdrop is all you need.

Pros And Cons Of Outdoor Wedding

@kaybebephotography and @jmarie_studio La Perle by Calla Blanche Stevie LP2009

Your wedding can be next to a beautiful lake, a garden, a vineyard or probably in a hilltop. Outdoor wedding could surely give awe and would add romance to this special occasion.

  • It is more family friendly

Yes it is, as children can be entertained better when they are outdoors. Instead of playing with the carefully prepared decorations, they would rather run and play with the nature. Also, wherever it is, outdoor wedding can give this comfortable feeling that some indoor weddings cannot provide.

  • It is cheaper

Yes, actually outdoor wedding is said to be cheaper than an indoor wedding. Maybe because too much styling is not as necessary in an outdoor wedding, and also the dresses of the wedding party does not need to be too formal.

You can play around with different food options, same as with vendors. DIYs are a lot more possible in outdoor than in indoor as well.

  • It is more relaxing and free

Outdoor wedding gives the couple the opportunity to move more freely and comfortably. Those who are not into too much make up would also be happy that they celebrate their union outdoors.

  • It gives a lot of options

Sure, you can go for a beach wedding, a garden wedding, a vineyard, backyard wedding or farm wedding. The options are more and playful too. You can be as creative as you can on outdoor weddings.


Although there are so many things to like about outdoor weddings, there are some things you may also want to consider. Just to help you be more prepared with this kind of wedding, here are some of the disadvantages you may want to know:

  • You are not sure about the weather

Even if you decide to hold your wedding on a season when chances of rain  is not there, it possible still be there. You would never know when rain would fall, and if it rains on your wedding, you have no choice but to change the plan you have prepared and worked hard for a long time.

Even if there are some preparation made for “what ifs”, all your hard worked will be turned to waste if rain pours.

  • Finding the best lighting may not be possible

Natural light is beautiful but if the night comes, achieving the lighting you want may be hard to achieve. Also, if the sun is too high, it will give your photos with an ugly end. Lighting may be unpredictable on outdoor weddings, hence make sure that apart from a backup wedding reception venue, you also have a back up to wedding photography.

  • Expense can be significantly higher

Depending on the venue you will choose, there are some that will require you to rent almost everything you need for your wedding, from the electricity and lighting to music, tables and chairs. If you want to lower down the price of your outdoor wedding, make sure that you choose the right venue or a venue where there is almost all things you need.

  • Some of your guests may not be comfortable because of the temperature

Temperature of outdoor cannot be controlled, so expect that some of your guests may feel if not too cold, too hot. Their energy may decay in no time. This uncontrolled weather may impact old and young people. Sure, they can wear jackets to protect themselves from too much coldness but that will ruin the style of their wedding attire.

  • No comfort room available

Comfort rooms may or may not be available in an outdoor wedding. Comfort room is a necessity you should provide your guests, if there is none, you can have a pop up restroom, although may add expense it will definitely give your guests comfort when they need to go.

  • Your hair may not retain its style until the end of the event

Since you cannot stop strong wind hitting your hair, your beautiful hairstyle may be gone in no time. Sure, your hairstylist uses different hairstyle cream or spray to keep the style locked but still, there is no assurance that you will look as beautiful as the first time you enter the aisle.

There is so much to like about outdoor weddings. However, there are also some things you need to be aware of. As previously discussed, you just have to make sure that you have a backup plan. So, in case the going gets tough, the wedding will still push through.

We hope these pros and cons of outdoor wedding will help you with your outdoor wedding planning. Want more tips for your wedding? This link will bring you too many wedding guides you are looking for: The Ultimate Bride’s Survival Guide.


Header Image Credit: @kaybebephotography and @jmarie_studio

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