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Questions Not To Ask A Wedding Photographer

Questions Not To Ask A Wedding Photographer

Wondering what questions not to ask a wedding photographer? Wedding is when two hearts are knot and become one. This is a dramatic and romantic moment that should be kept in the hearts of not only the couples but their guests as well. Wearing the best wedding dress is without a doubt a good idea, but it is useless if you were not able to let a good photographer capture it in still photos.

Hiring a good wedding photographer, not just a photographer, is a must. Make sure that the photographer you hire is highly experienced capturing wedding moments. He or she should not be expert on weddings and not on other events or subjects. Wedding is a very different ballgame, some who are good capturing landscapes may not be as good capturing moments.

Before you hire a wedding photographer, asking them questions is a good idea. But apart from thinking of the right questions to ask them, it is also good if you know things that you must avoid asking them. Here are the questions not to ask a wedding photographer.

  • Is there a chance I can also collect for the photos that you rejected?

Oh please no, it is the photographer’s work to make sure that they will deliver high quality photos. Also, there are photos that they will shot to test the lighting and the background, these photos are not for them to send to you.

Tip: You are paying for their service to capture great moments on your wedding, so it is best if you stick with and forget about rejected photos.

Questions Not To Ask A Wedding Photographer

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  • Could you please Photoshop this photo?

Yes of course they can Photoshop as many photos as you want, but as professionals, they only use this to enhance and beautify photos and not to change its content or composition. Needless to say, if you are pushing them to do this job, they may need to ask you for an additional charge.

Tip: Just to make sure you will not get disappointed, before signing the contract read their policies and guidelines about editing and changing photos.

  • Can you focus taking photos on this specific person?

You sure have the liberty to ask your photographer about it, but please, do not. Let them do what they do best and take photos of things they think is best to be taken. Their job is to capture every good moments on your wedding on not focus on just one subject. Let them move around and do what they do best without limitations and apprehensions.

Tip: If you really want this, you can hire a dedicated photographer to capture a specific subject but please, not your main wedding photographer.

  • Will I pay less if I edit the photos you taken by myself?

Okay, this is not the best way to save from their service. Editing photos by yourself will definitely not give your photos any good. Let the professionals do this job. Thus, let them send you high quality photos and not raw photos you still need to edit. If this you ask, you are not only giving yourself the chance of not getting good photos. Moreover, you are degrading and insulting the capabilities of the photographer. You have to be a little careful when asking favors like this.

  • Can you do exactly what I saw on Pinterest?

So you are very amazed of the wedding photo you saw on Pinterest, but copying exactly that photo is not the best way to do it. You can show them the photos or you can explain to them what you saw and let them create photos that are distinctively yours. They sure have great ideas that can be incorporated to what you want. Let them provide you with photo theme that is so unique and one of a kind.

  • Can my family and friends take photos using their phones?

Never let your family and friends compete with your professional photographers. Of course, your wedding is their time to take all great photos possible. Having a friend or a family member who is blocking their way is not the best way for them to do their jobs right. Give them the freedom to move around without any disruptions.

Of course, you cannot stop your family and friends to take photos using their phones but make sure they know their limitations. Your photographers would really appreciate if your remind them of that.

  • Can we still proceed with the pre-nuptial photoshoot even if it is raining?

Same as with you, they want to finish their job on time. However, the weather can stop them from doing their job properly. Thus, postponing it to another day could be better. If you force it to happen, you may need to change your wedding look. For example,  your clothes, do your hair and makeup. Also, the photographers may not be too comfortable soaking their equipment too much.

  • Can I go for a lower number of shots for cheaper rates?

This may not be the best idea as you are limiting your photographer to shot as many photos as he can. They sure want to give you a better rate. However, there is photographer who will sacrifice quality of their work for price. Photographers offer different sets of packages. You can choose from there and see which you think is enough to take good photos on your wedding. Make sure to keep your budget in mind when deciding.

  • What are the equipment you are using?

Some think that this is just a normal question to ask but actually it is not. Some photographers see this question offensive or too personal. Just so you know, all wedding photographers, especially those who are new in the industry only use the most advanced camera there is. You can ask but do not expect a good response.


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