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Questions To Ask A Wedding Host To Hire

Questions To Ask A Wedding Host To Hire

Wondering what questions to ask a wedding host to hire? Most of the time, a little get together before the wedding is held with the family and friends of the bride and groom before the wedding. This is a time for them to meet and know each other well. Sometimes the bride gives to the guests detail about her wedding dress, the wedding preparation updates and so on. Giving of gifts can also happen during this get together but there is no concrete formal program held.

On the other hand, wedding reception is a totally different ball game. This is when everyone will meet after the wedding ceremony. To give your guests a good experience, it is necessary that you have good food and ambiance ready. Almost everything will be handled by the wedding coordinator, as they are there to make sure the wedding run smoothly.

Meanwhile the person assigned to make the celebration lively is the wedding host. The wedding host is assigned to manage the overall flow of the program. He or she also helps to set-up the mood of the program, so it is best of you tell him/her your expectations. Hiring the host should not be done in a rush, especially that they will play a huge role in the program.

To make sure that you are making the right decision about hiring a host, asking questions is a must. If you do not know where to start with this, here are some of the questions you can ask a wedding host to hire!

  • Did he or she experience to host a wedding before?

A couple must ask the host they plan to hire if he or she had experience to host a wedding before. It is better to hire a host that did weddings before so that he or she has an idea on how to execute the program.

Their experience can help them a lot in making sure that your wedding will run as how you want it to be.

  • How much fees will the couple be paying for his or her service as host?

A wedding host’s job is not easy as other people think. They know the best things to do for their job because of their passion. A couple must always include in their budget the fees they will be paying the wedding host.

The fees may depend on different aspects or situation. A couple must find a wedding host that offers a worth-it service for the fees that they will be paying.

  • Is he or she available on the wedding dates?

The first question the couple needs to ask the wedding host is their availability. Is the wedding host available on that date? If not, you may want to look for someone else. Just a tip though, if you want to hire the best wedding host, you have to search early as most good host schedules are full and always occupied.

Questions To Ask A Wedding Host To Hire

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  • What are his or her ideas that can contribute to the success of the program?

Since they are professionals in their field, they have a lot of ideas and opinions that can contribute to the success of the program. The couple can ask the host on what they can add to the wedding program.

The couple should also be open to the suggestions of their wedding host. Collaboration of the host and couple is ideal in making a unique reception program.

Needless to say, the flow of the wedding same as with the feel should be coming from the couple.

  • Will he or she be able to handle and manage the number of guests?

There are hosts who are only capable for an event or program with few guests. Moreover, there are some hosts good in handling huge crowd. A couple must ask their host if they can handle and manage the number of guests they are expecting.

A couple must hire a wedding host can manage big crowd of guests. Thus, this will allow for host to execute their skills at their best.

  • Can they do an impromptu hosting?

The host will prepare wedding [rogram for the reception before the wedding. However, it is ideal for a couple to hire a wedding host that can do an impromptu hosting. It does not mean that he or she will not be following the planned program. However, the host should be able to work on time constraints to ensure that the program will still run smoothly even if there are issues on time.

The overall execution of the program will still be inclined with the plan. However, it is more and more ideal if the host is not holding any script. But the wedding host can have a printed guide, keywords, or names to help her not forget things.

  • Is he or she ready or professional enough in case of unnecessary happenings during the program?

No matter how planned or prepared a couple for their wedding day, they should always expect that unnecessary events will be possible.

That is why it is ideal for them to hire a wedding host that is flexible. They also need to know how to handle guests who are forcing themselves to speak even if they are not part of the program.

  • Will he or she be able to make it in the reception venue?

A couple must look for a wedding host that will be able to go to the reception venue without issues. But just in case the host will have a hard time going to the venue, you can consider providing a transportation.

We hope this list of questions to ask a wedding host to hire will help you plan your dream wedding. However, there are other things you need to make your wedding successful, and we’re here to help you with planning. Check The Ultimate Bride’s Survival Guide for more wedding tips and inspiration.


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