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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Questions to Ask Wedding Documentation Team

Wedding videographers and photographers will be the ones responsible for taking every picture and clips from the pre-nuptial shoot up to the wedding day. They will be responsible for taking photos and videos, photo editing to enhance the quality of the photos and video outcome, organizing the soft copies of the photos and videos, and producing the final wedding day photo album of the couple. Even how good your wedding dress looks like, if it is not photographed right, it is useless.

It is important for a couple to have an open communication with their documentation team before hiring them, during the actual pre-nuptial shoot and wedding day, and after the program.

The job of videographers and photographers is not as easy as some people think. That is why they often charge their clients quite high because of the difficult task assigned to them and the equipment they will be using. The couple should allocate budget for the documentation team if they want a wonderful photos and clips. Because this service is quite expensive, the couple must choose the best documentation team and ask questions before they hire the team that would be with them to capture moments from the pre-nuptial shoot until the wedding day.

Questions to Ask

  • How much money would they need and what package can the couple avail

The payment amount for their job would be depending on the package that their client and they would be dealing on. There are photographers and videographers who are only used in capturing moments. So it is important to hire an editor together with them or a documentation team that can do both the capturing of photos and videos and editing it. The package would also include what type and how many cameras they will be using. The more cameras the documentation team would use, the more photos and videos they can take. This can also help in taking a lot of photo angles that can be useful in coming up with a wonderful video of the wedding.

Some photographers and videographers also own drones that can help in taking aerial shots during the pre-nuptial shoot and wedding day. Most of the photographers and videographers are suggesting to take them for both the pre-nuptial shoot and wedding day because it will be easy for them to organize and edit the clips and photos. The couple can also choose on what kind of edit they would want. In this present time, it is popular to have a same day edit video on the wedding day which is not an easy job to do

It is also important to have a documentation team that would produce the hard copy or the wedding photo album of the couple. That is why it is ideal to have a documentation team that offers full package for it will be less hassle for the couple.

The transportation of the documentation team and the location or the venue of the pre-nuptial shoot, church, and reception may also affect the cost to pay by the couple. It is important to let them know about the locations because they would facing problems with transportation or maybe needing a help from the couple. There are clients who provide a vehicle for their documentation team, while those who can’t provide gives additional payment for the transportation.

  • How would they be working on with the pre-nuptial shoot and wedding day theme

Couples sometimes prefer to have a theme during their pre-nuptial shoot for this will bring more effect on the outcome of the pre-nuptial shoot. Photographers and videographers can help the couple deciding on what theme they will be doing in the pre-nuptial shoot. They will just be needing to share ideas to one another that is why it is important for the couple to ask about the opinions of the documentation team before hiring them. Because they are used to their job, they might have ideas about pre-nuptial shoot themes and what would be the perfect one for the couple.

It is also important to ask if they are willing to help or they are capable of providing the things and attires that would be needed in the pre-nuptial shoot. It is advisable to seek help with the documentation team about these. There are documentation team that have things and attire associated with some themes. So it is important to ask them on what will be suit best with their theme during the pre-nuptial shoot.

While most wedding ceremony are sacred, being a photographer or videographer, they have the control of the overall mood of the photos and videos. The couple must ask the documentation team if they can make a possible mood of the clips to happen. And if they can connect the atmosphere from the pre-nuptial shoot to the wedding day theme for this would be of great help to make every photo and video wonderful and aligned.

  • General information of the persons who would be working with the couple

It is important to be comfortable with each other when doing things to bring the outcome to the best that it could be. Most documentation team and couple do not treat each other as acquaintances, but they would rather prefer to be friends. Once they build trust with each other and knows basic information about each other, it would be easy for them to brainstorm ideas and perform their functions well. In this part, collaboration is the most important thing understand each side.

The couple could ask for more questions depending on what comes up to their agreement. But they would also need to evaluate the answers and decide which documentation team they will be hiring. At the end, no matter how many questions are asked, the most important thing on hiring videographers and photographers is giving them the trust that they will be doing their job well. And that they will be helping the couple to capture moments on their special day.

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