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Questions to Ask Wedding Photographers

Questions to Ask Wedding Photographers

Wondering what questions to ask wedding photographers? You must never take for granted the participation of the wedding photographer at your wedding. Hiring them should be taken seriously and must never be in a rush. Even with a perfect wedding dress, you need the best photographer to capture these moments.

There are just so many photographers around, and choosing one may not be too easy. To assess who among them is best to trust, ask relevant questions.

Asking questions is your best mean in assessing who among the many photographers can give justice to your beautiful wedding.

If you cannot come up yet with good questions to ask we are here to help you out!

Here are some of the questions that you must ask the wedding photographer before hiring their service:

  • Are you available on my wedding date?

This is actually the first question to ask a photographer. Are they available on the date of your wedding? You would not want to spend time conversing with them and end up moving to another photographer because their schedule for that date is already blocked.

Tip: If you are eyeing for a well-known photographer, it is best if you schedule their service way in advance. Good photographer’s schedules are always blocked and busy.

  • What are included in your package?

This can help you in comparing prices of one photographer to another. Is the photo album included? How about the pre-nuptial photos? This is also a time for you to negotiate and haggle for a better price.

If there are inclusions on the package that you think you do not need as much, you can have it removed and replace with something else.

Questions to Ask Wedding Photographers

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  • Do you have sample photos to show?

Asking them to show you samples of their work is a good idea. This can help you decide whether their end results satisfy what you are looking for. It is best if you can see the photo in person so you could appreciate the quality of the photo better, including the paper they use to print.

Sometimes, looking at photos online is not enough. Take time to meet up with the photographer and let them bring samples of their work.

  • How many hours is included on your coverage?

Some think that the photographer has to cover the entire wedding. However, little they know that there are photographers who charge by the hour. Make sure that you know how long they will cover the wedding and how much they charge in case it went overtime.

You would not want a bill shock after your wedding. Therefore, it is best to ask this question ahead of time.

  • How do you collect payments?

This is an important question to ask as this can help you determine your budget. Will they ask all of the total amount before the wedding or they will collect half today and half after the wedding is done.

  • How long do I have to wait to get my printed photos?

You would not want to wait forever for your printed photos to arrive, ask for a timeline. Photographers can easily save your wedding photos on USB or hard drive. However, keep in mind that photographers may need more time if you want to print them.

  • Will you take the photos or you ask someone to do it?

You sure would want to talk to the person who will actually take your photos and not just their customer service rep or secretary or even the owner of the business. By speaking with the photographer him/herself, you can instruct him/her to what you want to happen and your overall expectations.

  • What if you get sick, who will take photos on your behalf?

Make sure that you know his/her action plan in the event that he/she cannot attend your wedding. You never know what will happen in the future, and providing you with a clear plan is a good idea.

  • Are you open working with a different videographer?

They may or may have a videographer, but needless to say, you still want to know how open he/she is working with a videographer. You want these professionals to work well together as they have to come up with beautiful shots.

  • Have you tried working at my chosen venue?

This is a good question to ask, as you want your photographers familiar with your venue. In case they do not have experience working on that venue yet, know their plans. Would they visit the place and do ocular inspection in case you hire them?

  • What do you plan to wear on the wedding?

If you want them to blend well with your wedding theme, asking this question is necessary. You would not want them to wear something different or far from your wedding theme as that may not look good in the eyes. Thus, let them know beforehand if you want them to follow a certain dress code.

  • Can you provide me with references?

Ask for references and make sure that you take time calling them. To make the conversation with their previous clients easy, introduce yourself immediately, and let them know the purpose of your call. Do not ask non relevant questions as that will just waste not just your time but theirs. Jot down all the questions you want to ask so the conversation is continuous.

  • What if you failed to show up on the event itself?

Even how reliable the photographer is, you still have to ask this question. You would not want to be without a photographer on your most special day,

  • Will you bring your own lighting?

This is an important question to ask especially if you are planning for an evening wedding. Will they rely on the lighting of the venue or will they bring their own lighting?

There are so many things to know to ensure that your wedding will be successful. Apart from the questions to ask wedding photographers there are other questions you need to consider. To get more tips and guidelines, check The Ultimate Wedding Day Checklist.


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