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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Questions To Be Answered Before Preparing For The Wedding

A wedding is one of the most important days and ceremonies in the life of a man and a woman. It is a ceremony held to bind the lives of the bride and groom as they exchange their vows and for the bride to parade in her wedding dress.

The wedding ceremony is also the start of the journey of a man and a woman living together and building their own family. There are a lot of things that a couple must consider when they plan to have their wedding day.

A wedding ceremony can be planned for a long time or for a short time, either way, it can be as elegant or as simple as the couple wants. The couple needs to allot their time and efforts when planning for the wedding ceremony. Nowadays, it is not just the wedding ceremony that a couple needs to prepare, they also need to plan for their pre-nuptial shoot and reception program. Because the two mentioned are now parts of a modern wedding which most couples choose as their wedding theme.

The pre-nuptial shoot is held before the wedding ceremony to capture pictures and clips of the couple. And the reception program is held after the wedding ceremony to celebrate the important day of the couple.

Before the couple gets too excited about their big day, they need to ask themselves important questions first. Questions that can allow them to assess their readiness for getting married.

  • How much money do we need to spend on our wedding day?

The cost of the wedding ceremony is one of the most important things that a couple needs to consider when they are planning. Budgeting their money is one of the most ideal ways to avoid problems concerning money.

The money needed for a wedding depends on how elegant or simple a couple wants their wedding to be. Most couples save money that they will be using for their wedding plans while others stick to the tradition where the bride’s parents will take care of all the wedding bills.

  • Do we need to get or to hire wedding organizers?

Wedding organizers are the people that help a couple of plans for their wedding. Hiring wedding organizers will lessen the legwork that a couple might face during their planning stage. They can also help the couple come up with ideas for the wedding day.

Because they are used to their job, they have a lot of experiences that can help improve the wedding plans. The couple just needs to be open and to accept opinions from the wedding organizers so that they can collaborate and share their ideas with one another.

  • Are we hiring wedding photographers and videographers?

Wedding photographers and videographers are the persons assigned to take photos and videos. They are assigned for the overall documentation during the pre-nuptial shoot, wedding ceremony, and reception program.

Couples should hire wedding photographers and videographers if they want to have photos, videos, or even printed ones that they can treasure for the rest of their lives. Their service might be costly because of the equipment and their jobs but it will be worth it once the couple sees the outcome.

  • How should we manage our wedding entourage

Wedding entourage is chosen by the couple and most of the people included are their closest friends and relatives. It is composed of the parents of the couple, maid of honor, and the best man.

The groomsmen, bridesmaids, sponsors of candle, veil, and cord, bearers of the ring, bible, and coin, and the flower girls are also a part of it.

The couple should include the plans for their wedding party when preparing for their wedding. From their attire to the paraphernalia, the couple should somewhat take responsibility for providing or preparing their attires.

  • What are the wedding booths and stalls that we are having for the reception program?

The reception program is held right after the wedding ceremony to celebrate the couple’s special day. A lot of fun and exciting things are prepared by the couple for their reception program.

Games and performances are a big help in setting up the mood for the reception program. Couples do prepare prizes and souvenirs for their guests who choose to celebrate with them on their special day.

There are also booths or stalls that the couple can hire for the reception program. The most common one is the photo booth, but there are also bars that the guests can enjoy and find comfort in. Examples are the dessert bar, the salad bar, the pasta bar, the mobile bar, and a lot more.

  • Should we have a rehearsal prior to the wedding day?

It is not common for couples to rehearse their wedding. It may depend on their decision if they will be having it or not. Usually, couples choose to have a wedding that is not rehearsed but rather is planned.

But when they want their wedding to be organized and systematic, they must inform and instruct their wedding entourage and guests about the important notes and reminders for their wedding day and reception program.

  • How much time do we need for planning the wedding?

A couple must have their timeframe and estimated dates when they are planning for their wedding. This will help them to avoid problems related to dates, venues, and guests.

They must contact and communicate with the persons they wish to ahead of time. Being aware of the time is a great help especially if they are aiming for a successful wedding.

  • Can we manage the situation in case there are unexpected happenings?

No matter how planned or prepared a couple is for their wedding day, they should always be ready in case there are unexpected happenings. They should always have a plan b or a back-up plan so that it will be easy for them when conflicts or problems occur.

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