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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Questions You May Be Asked Before and After The Wedding

There are many things about the wedding that can make it the most memorable, your wedding dress, your wedding venue, and the games you will play and so on. Everyone will be talking about it for a long time and the excitement of people can be endless even after the party has ended. One thing is for sure, after a few weeks or months after your wedding, there are a lot of questions that will be asked, same as there are questions that will be asked before the wedding. You may or may not answer but since you want to sound courteous, you will answer.

Questions That May Pop Out Before and After The Wedding

Here are some of the questions you may come across and being prepared when the question pops up is better.

  • When are you planning to have children?

Okay, it is only the engagement but everyone is excited to know when you are planning to have a baby. Relax, it is too early to ask but your family members are already excited with it. So, how can you answer this fast forward question?

Answer: Currently, we are still focusing on the wedding, as soon as we have discussed and decided about it, we will let you know right away.

  • How much does your wedding cost? Who will pay the bill?

Sure, this is not something you want to talk about nor discuss, but if it is asked, you have no choice but to answer the question.

Answer: We haven’t decided on who will pay the bill (even if you already do)

  • Wedding is just so stupid. Did you ever think of eloping instead? Maybe, you are just looking forward for gifts.

Okay, this can be a very frustrating question, but yes, it will come up to any conversations, it can be from a jealous friend or relative or from someone who has no luck getting married. As much as you want to push this negativity away, it is best if you just be the better person and answer.

Answer: We want to celebrate this event with our families, friends and loved one, therefore eloping is not our thing.

  • Why in a hurry? Or why is it too soon?

Your friends or relatives may have different takes on your wedding, some may think that the engagement is too short while others think that the engagement is too long.

Answer: I really appreciate your honesty, but this is the best time for us.

  • What do you like and see in him/her? I thought your relationship will not take long?

Okay, there are some who are just so disrespectful and will pop this insensitive question out. Sure, you want to be on the defensive side, but just take the higher road and respond.

Answer: There are just so many things I like about him/her and these are enough for me to marry him/her.

  • Can you let me be your photographer/ host/ flower arranger

Sure, they genuinely want to help, but you want the best for your wedding. Letting them do the job may not give you exactly what you are looking for. Of course, you do not want to disappoint them or make them feel you do not trust them, so answering politely is a must.

Answer: We want everyone to have fun and relax, we will have professionals do all the legwork during the party.

  • Will I be invited?

Okay, who does not want to invite everyone from their family? Sure, you want to see all of their faces on your wedding, but unfortunately, you may not afford a big wedding or you decide to just keep it simple, low and intimate. Give your honest and straightforward response.

Answer:  We are keeping the wedding small and intimate because of budget reasons, and as much as we want to invite everyone, unfortunately we cannot.

  • Why are you marrying there?

Your relatives or your partner’s relative may be thinking that you will consider a specific place of worship, hence so disappointed that you take the other road. Sure, it is your wedding, hence deciding on where you want to marry should not be something they should be asking or questioning.

Answer: We have visited a lot of venues and places for weddings, but that place captures out heart. We thought that it is the best place for us to exchange our vows.

  • What do you want me to give you?

Okay, you sure would not want to give your gift registry information voluntarily, as that may sound greedy and could make you look like only after their gifts, but since they ask, you can answer it then.

Answer: Your presence would be enough for us, but if you want to give us a gift, you are free to visit our gift registry.

  • What are you planning to do now?

You sure would want your guests to spare you with details about your married life, but nonetheless, there are still people who will be intrigued and ask you about your personal life.

Answer: We haven’t think about anything yet, we are just so happy that finally, we are married.

  • Who will handle your finance now?

Conversations about money is really awkward, but if you are asked about this question, you may be left without a choice but to answer. You do not need to go by the details, but answering them in the most courteous manner is a good idea.

Answer: Nothing is final yet, but definitely whatever decision we will make is for the better.

  • Are you planning to keep your job once you have a baby?

Okay, your family planning is yours and not something others will intrude, but what if you are asked this question? Will you just run and escape? Definitely not.

Answer: We haven’t discussed that yet, we will talk about it maybe sooner.

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