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Reciting Wedding Vows Like A Pro

Reciting Wedding Vows Like A Pro

Want to learn reciting wedding vows like a pro? Even if you are not good at public speaking, it is possible to ensure that you bring out your wedding vows in a perfect manner to match well with your day’s dress code, which is an ideal wedding dressWedding vows are words that are very important that you will ever utter in your entire life.

They might come with a lot of pressure, especially if you are not good at public speaking. While you might take time to write your wedding vows and then practice them before the wedding, finding out how you are going to ensure that your wedding vows are recited in front of the crowd might be something that will leave you a bit anxious than being in the moment.

The good thing is that having your wedding vows recited doesn’t have to be daunting, and it only starts with a little preparation beforehand. The following are some of the advice you can utilize to know how to go about reciting your wedding vows like a pro!

  • Shift your mindset

You should not get caught up in the word vow as it is a word that seems to evoke unnecessary anxiety and stress. Instead, you need to think about your wedding vows as a great love note which you are writing to your partner. Tell them the way you are feeling about them, how you are going to support one another in marriage, and what you are anticipating as your future with them in marriage life. Authenticity is great, and it will ensure that you naturally recite the vows during your wedding ceremony.

  • Don’t procrastinate

You have to avoid until the day before your wedding to write down your vows. It will good if you wrote them at least six weeks before your wedding day. In most instances, the last month to the wedding is where a lot of finalizing is happening for your wedding day, and the last thing that should happen is for you to start getting worried about your wedding vows. It also gives you ample time to know them well and make necessary adjustments as well as practice reciting them.

Reciting Wedding Vows Like A Pro

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  • Practicing is right

If you have decided that you are going to write your wedding vows, practice them, and ensure to read them aloud. Writing for reading tends to be different from writing for speaking. There are some phrases or words which might seem awkward when reciting. It would help if you spent some time reciting your vows out loudly so that you can ensure to keep your tongue ties to the minimum.

For extra practice, you can recite them in front of a mirror, to a relative, or close friend. You can as well decide to record yourself, then playback and listen to it. With that, you will be able to recognize parts of the wedding vows where you need to improve. Even professional public speakers need room for improvement.

  • Try visualizing the moment

There will be a need to close your eyes and try to visualize the ceremony before the wedding day. You have to take it in small bits as you try to imagine. Where will you be standing? How does the location of the ceremony look like? What will you be wearing? Who will be standing next to you? It is something that professional public speakers do, and it is known to help in speech delivery.

  • Speak directly to your partner

You have to remember that, reciting your wedding vows is not a play and that you don’t have an audience to perform.  The wedding vows are your heartfelt promises to the love of your life, and your family members and friends are there to witness and celebrate with you.

You need to hold your partner’s hand, look directly into their eyes, and address them. They are likely going to be about six inches from your face. No need to project your voice, talk naturally, and don’t try to impress any crowd members. You need to be at the moment.

  • Breathe

You can easily manage your wedding day jitters through breathing. While at the altar and feeling a little bit nervous, you always have to remember the power that three deep breathes has. Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth three times.

When you are inhaling through the nose, imagine that the breath is coming from your shoulders. It will help you to get rid of tension. Your third breath you will need to breath in and then out and assume that the breath is coming from deep down your will help in relaxing so that you are in the moment while reciting your wedding vows

  • Embracing your emotions

You don’t have to be afraid of reciting your wedding vows just because you might end up crying. If it happens, allow the tears to flow; remember though you are the princess of the moment, you are human full of emotions. All your family members and close friends will be there to support and encourage you, as well as your spouse. It is fine to cry and embrace your emotions.

If at any moment you are in doubt, you should at all times, remember that your guests have come because they believe in what you are doing. They are there to celebrate with you and not to judge what you are doing.  So don’t worry if you stumble over some words or you become too emotional. Nobody present will scold you. You are surrounded by positive energy, people who love and believe in your course. The best thing to do in case of any emotional outburst, hold your partner’s hand and lean in their strength.

You are now sure that it is possible for your wedding vows recited and make a statement to your guests. Thus, you’re ready to start reciting wedding vows like a pro! For other advices on how to perfect your wedding activities, check out the ultimate bride’s survival guide. It has everything you need for a perfect wedding.


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