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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Renting A Wedding Gown

Of course, on your wedding, you want to wear the most glamorous wedding dress possible, but unfortunately, not everyone can spend thousands of dollars on a wedding gown. The good news is, there are many shops around that instead of selling wedding gowns, they let the bride rent it.


There are many advantages to renting a wedding gown, to name a few:

  • Renting a wedding gown is cheaper, therefore a perfect option for brides on a budget
  • Renting signature gowns has been made possible, so you can wear a wedding gown that you cannot afford to buy
  • You do not have to think about cleaning your gown after use or look for a storage space to keep it
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L’amour by Calla Blanche LA20103 London @kristilee_parish

But of course, there are some disadvantages you also have to mull over, and these are:


  • You cannot experience the fun of shopping wedding gowns
  • The options may be limited to what is available
  • There are some size constraints, hence if your body is too tiny or too big, finding a wedding gown for rent may be hard to accomplish
  • You may need to pay damages – in case there are any

Above pointers are some of the things you need to consider when renting wedding gowns, on the other hand, below is the guide to follow when pursuing this option.


Guide to renting a wedding gown

  • Find the right shop

There are many shops around allowing their wedding gowns to be rented. Choosing the one that can offer you huge options of designs and flexibility is a good idea. You may also want to choose a shop that offers accessories, like shoes, pieces of jewelry, crown, and veil, if not for free at least with a minimal charge.

  • Be cautious with the price

The cheaper price is one of the major advantages of renting a wedding gown, so if this is not achieved, then renting is useless. Make sure that the price of wedding gown rental is a lot cheaper than a brand new one. Do not be misled with the price tag alone. Do not get deceived by a few dollars difference as that is not the best way to maximize this option.

  • Make sure it fits

Since wedding gown rental is not fitted according to your size, it is best if you fit the wedding gown and make sure that it fits you right. If not, you may want to ask the couturier or the tailor if adjustments or alterations are possible. Some may allow little alterations while others would ask you to choose a different gown. You cannot find a gown that can perfectly fit your size, but a workaround is possible.

  • Ask their alteration policy

Ask to what extent you can alter the gown. Can you use a safety pin? Is it okay to cut the length of the gown? And so on. It is best if you know their policy to avoid disappointments at the end of the day. If the gown does not fit you right and they do not allow alteration, move to the next shop where you can find a gown that would perfectly fit your body.

  • Inspect the gown carefully
best wedding dresses

L’amour by Calla Blanche A20103 London @kristilee_parish

Make sure that you inspect the gown very carefully. Look for stains, scratches, rips, and so on. You sure want to wear a flawless wedding gown and you definitely won’t want to pay charges because of damages that were already there before you rent it.

Things Not To Forget When Renting Wedding Gown

Here are some of the things you must not forget when renting a wedding gown:

  • Fit the gown properly

Try the gown and see if it fits you right. Do not hesitate to fit as many gowns as possible. Make sure that all sides and ends of the gown suit your body well.

  • Return policy

When do you need to return the gown? Make sure that you know when it should be delivered back to them to avoid penalties. You may also want to check how they want to receive the gown. Do you need to clean it before returning or you can return it right after use?

  • Penalties

When will you get penalized? How much is the penalty if you accidentally spill red wine on your wedding gown? How much do you have to pay if there are damages on the gown upon return?

  • Negotiate

Do not forget that negotiation is possible, ask for a bargain. Ask the couturier or tailor for a better price, you never know, he/she may say yes to your appeal.

  • Take care of it like it is yours

Unfortunately, the wedding gown is not yours and you have to return it as pristine as how you received it. Take care of it as if it were yours and return it fresh to avoid extra fees.

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