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Responsibilities Of A Wedding Planner

Responsibilities Of A Wedding Planner

Wondering what are the responsibilities of a wedding planner? There are so many things you have to arrange and prepare for your big day, wedding dress, catering service, the venue. There are a lot of other things to make your wedding the most memorable for you and all your guests. You may not be able to handle them all, so getting extra help would be a good idea.

Some are not as convinced about hiring a wedding planner as they think it is an added expense, they think that they can manage all by themselves and probably with the help of their friends and family. Sure, it is possible, but hiring a wedding planner is a brighter idea if you want to make sure that everything will work as you plan without exerting too much effort.

There are many wedding planners available to hire. Thus, to make sure that the professional you are hiring will provide exactly what you expect, make sure that you do a background check. Check their reliability and competency through reviews. You can read online reviews or you can ask around your family or friends who just tied the knot recently.

You might be until now hesitant about getting service from a wedding planner. However, to help you understand, below are some of the responsibilities of a wedding planner!

Wedding Planner’s Duties

Responsibilities of a wedding planner include:

  • Understand the wedding theme very carefully. They need not understand just the wedding but other important events like the bridesmaid teas, rehearsal dinner, day after brunches and more.
  • Review your budget. They will check on your budget and see if it fits your wedding requirements
  • Understand your wedding color, vibe, style and your taste too
  • Provide and discuss with you progress to date, like when do you need to meet the catering service, when do you have to visit the venue and so on

They organize things on your behalf

They are the organizational queens and they will make sure that everything will be organized accordingly. Some of the things they will do are:

  • Review and create vendors contract
  • Organize timeline
  • Coordinate with the vendors time they need to arrive at the venue and things they need to prepare
  • Will make sure that no unnecessary expense happens like rush shipping and other irrelevant charges
  • Remind you with appointments, obligations, and budget limitations
    Responsibilities Of A Wedding Planner

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They can help you with the styling

You may not know but wedding planners can also help you in styling your dream wedding. Some of the things they can do are:

  • Give you ideas and informing you of the latest trends
  • They will help in pulling together any elements that do not match so you can have a unified color and theme
  • Add and catch details that you do not notice or see
  • They will coordinate with the caterer, florists, graphic designers, invitation companies, printers, and the rest of the aesthetic vendors
  • They can help you in choosing the best wedding gown to wear, including the bridesmaids, the groom, etc.
  • They can design the lighting, tables and other details of the wedding

They are your peacemakers

If you are always arguing with your parents or your groom‘s parents during wedding discussions, they can stand as the middleman and make sure that peace will prevail. They have this negotiating skill that can help you achieve peace as discussions about the wedding are being laid on the table.

They can help in sourcing the right vendor to hire

Because of their experience, they were able to work with many vendors and can make a suggestion on who they think is the best vendor available to hire. They can help you in sourcing the right vendor according to your budget and preference.

Wedding Planner’s Duties on The Wedding Day

This is when you can get the most from your wedding planner. They are the most helpful during this time, as they will actually run the show.

Some of the things they will do during the wedding day are:

  • Meeting all the vendors, contacting them in cases of delays and will work on any possible no show
  • They are tasked to solve last minute issues or emergencies
  • They will run the rehearsal
  • They will set up not just the ceremony but also the receptions spaces
  • They will ensure that the wedding is at the right place and always on time
  • They will coordinate the wedding’s timeline
  • They will deal with any wedding crasher, uninvited and as well as unruly guests
  • They will make sure that the reception area is clean and you will receive your money back or deposit complete
  • They will be the one to collect your gifts and make sure that you will receive it safely
  • They will be the one to return any borrowed or rental items

There are more than the above they can handle on the wedding day itself. Hiring their service will ensure you that your wedding will be smooth and worry-free.

Final Things to Note

Although you have to make sure that you are hiring the right people, if not, you are wasting your money hiring such service. What you need to make sure are:

  • They are very easy to contact. They should be reached easily not just by you but your guests (for RSVP) and your vendors too
  • Hire a vendor that does not ask for a cut for any vendor they recommend. You sure would want to get the best service at the best price hence adding up commission on what you have to originally pay is not a good idea
  • Choose a wedding planner that has a good taste and style. You would not want to end up with an ugly or lousy event just because you hire a not so good wedding planner
  • Make sure that the contract you will sign indicates everything about their service, inclusions, exclusions, etc.

We hope with these responsibilities of a wedding planner it will be easier to understand their role. There are so many elements you need to know about your wedding, check The Ultimate Bride’s Survival Guide to help you plan other things!


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