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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Ring Bearer

The ring bearer can be a young boy or girl who walks down the aisle with rings that he/she will give to the couple. It is common for a ring bearer to be a boy aged four to ten years. The wedding bands can be on a cushion or beautifully made ring box. The main role of a ring bearer is to guard the rings and deliver them to the couple when the moment comes. It’s adorable to choose a young ring bearer. However, you may not trust them with the rings. In this case, you can keep fake rings on the pillow and have the best man keep the real wedding gold bands safe. He can switch them when they are required before the ring bearer walks down the aisle.


History of a ring bearer

The ring bearer is a cute addition to the pictures and the memories of the day. The tradition has varied origin stories. Some say it is ancient Egypt, where the jewels were displayed on rare pillows and carried to the couple by adults. Others say it is the medieval era when a young child would carry a book of prayer and hold the train as they walked down the aisle. The rings in this case were placed on a sword’s tip. Later a wealthy family replaced the sword with a pillow to show off their riches as a boy became the ring bearer.

This tradition picked up pace during the Victorian era, where it gained popularity worldwide. Then ring bearers would wear white lace, velvet jackets, sash, short trousers, or even tuxedos.

With that brief history lesson, let’s get back to the present and look at how you can select your ring bearer. We will dive into the factors that you definitely need to consider to make this part of the day memorable.


Range of the Age

Several wedding planner experts advise on either three to seven years or five to ten years. However, if you have a cute adorable nephew or godson older or younger than the recommended ages, you can choose to give them that role. However, for very young children, they may need to be carried down the aisle or escorted by an adult.


Gender of the child

As we had mentioned, you are not restricted to a specific gender when choosing a ring bearer. However, you can stick to tradition and have the boy walk down the aisle with the pillow.



The relationship of the child to the couple is a great consideration. If either of you has children, you can consider them as the ring bearers. If not, you can choose a nephew, godson, or children of your close friends.


The number of ring bearers

You are probably a popular aunt, with a few children that you need to consider as ring bearers. Has the choice overwhelmed you? Well, worry, not. You can have as many as three ring bearers. You can assign them each a role as they walk down the aisle to keep them engaged. You also need to pick them matching outfits.

One can carry the ring for the groom and the other for the bride if they are two ring bearers. If you have three, you can assign the other two interesting signs.

Special ring bearers

There are cases where you decide to have your favorite pet to be your ring bearer. It is good to check if the venue allows pets. Also, ensure that the pet is well trained to handle the role. In this case, it is preferable to use a well-trained dog for a ring bearer.


Dressing your ring bearer

This will depend on the theme of the wedding; if it is formal, you can go for a mini tux. If you have a casual theme, you can match the groom’s outfit.

The colors of the tux can be black, gray, navy blue, white, or tan. However, the colors can also be mixed up to match the wedding color theme. If the wedding is taking on a more traditional theme, you can dress the boy up in dark-colored satin or velvet suits.

The right size and style are important to achieve that elegant look. You can have the parents of the ring bearer take him for fitting if you choose a bespoke suit. However, you need to keep in mind the cost and give the parents some wiggle room. If your preferred ring bearer is a girl, you can dress her in similar attire to the flower girls. Here are a few shopping tips to follow:

  • Choose material that the ring bearers will be comfortable in and one that won’t cause harm to their skin.
  • Choose a fitting size.
  • Ensure his chosen outfits match the theme of the day for that added elegant look.
  • Consider the weather when choosing an outfit for the little one.
  • Shop early enough so that if there any issues, adjustments or even a return can be made on time.
  • Go shopping with their parents or even when shopping online.


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